-Daddy, I want a drum.

-Charles, do you want to now a drum? -Robert dropped his spoon gently to turn to his son, to then pose it for his wife, who watched him with eyes like dishes-. It is not something that you need urgently.

Charles was looking at his half-empty plate.

-It is that today in music class we studied percussion instruments and was the drum and Javi has said that his father bought him a while ago and it is very cool to touch it and will walk out there saying what cool and as much that is. I also want one to be as cool as Javi…

The parents looked on without knowing very well what to say. Juana left the spoon aside and laid his hand on the arm of her son and stroked him gently from top down.

-Love, because Javi has said that he wants a drum does not mean that you should also have it. We can’t buy you a drum now.

-But I want a drum! Javi always give him everything he wants, I want to.

Parents looked on helplessly in the face. Stayed in silence trying to find something to say, but when he was so stubborn, there was no way to make him change his mind, was only expected to tantrum — to be happened to. Until they began to pick up the table, Charles had already left to his exalted room, with a long face.

– And if…?

-Robert, not even think it. We cannot afford such spending. Do you know the cost of a drum? A lot of money and not are to splurge.

-Go honey, it makes you very excited, and perhaps thus focuses on anything you like. It would be fun and would learn some music.

-That not Roberto. I am not going to give up on that. That now it has got between the eyes have a deum because a classmate have one as it seems. If we now give hr a drum, later what would be a new bike? A laptop? A new video-game?

-If you’re right, my love, but I would be so excited to see you happy…

– He can be happy without a drum. In addition, we are not in a position to spend money foolishly. With the crisis that is falling today, we must tighten us belts even more. This month we hurry with costs.

-Ok, already… Let this murky subject, forget about that now that it is not important.

-What is not important? We are even up, work as mules to be then end of the month with the rope around the neck.

Robert grabbed her by the waist and after shut it with a sonorous kiss she posed her hands on her cheeks, glared at him and smiled.

-We are going to watch TV and think about other things. Now is not time to these things.

-By agreement, no worries about today – she smiled widely and arms behind neck happened to pose her lips over him gently. After working a tender look of complicity, they went to the living room and after sitting on the couch well tight, went on TV. Charles slowly peeked behind the door frame, stared at his parents with some misgivings, doubting whether or not enter. He came slowly into the room and put front to them shuffling with his hands behind his back and his head down. His parents turned to him, removing the sound completely to the tele to focus all them attention on his son who bobbed back forward.

-Mom, dad… I want to ask you for forgiveness for what I said before…

Both looked somewhat surprised for a few brief seconds then transforming it into unconditional love.

-Don’t worry darlin, not passes nothing -his mother smiled he widely.

-Javi is always talking about all the things that buy their parents and how cool that is playing the drums and have this and other… It angers me that he says that…

– Don’t worry, let already – Robert interrupted him with a smile-. See here.

He did not lack tell more that Charles jumped on the sofa and placed between the two, crouched between them and supported his head on the shoulder of his mother. Fell asleep right away.’


Several months later, winter arrived. It was so cold that it looked like the North Pole. Charles walked down the sidewalk by jumping in the snow. Gloves were somewhat larger than his hands, trying to be fall not walking but with jumps, it was nearly impossible to hold them. His face was covered by the wool hat that fell on his eyebrows and scarf is entwined in his neck covering his mouth. After thick layers covering it, drew a wide smile on his face. Lately he had heard very often talk to his parents about money and having to fasten his seatbelts, they had to measure more costs and things like that did not come to understand at all. But that day was a special day: was his birthday. And always, despite the problems, his parents were able to make it a great gift accompanied by a chocolate tart and a large glass of coca-cola.

The nervousness was palpable in all her being when he turned the latch of the door and went inside. Everything was dark and was not heard nothing. She frowned as she began to remove the warm clothes leaving her lying on the floor of the entrance. He ventured in the corridor calling their parents. Concern began to seize it, did not understand anything of what was going on. Looked in the room of their parents, in his, in the living room and there was no sign of movement by any side. Oppression began to grab his chest, costing him breathing and head ached. All that silence in the House didn’t like him, made him feel bad. Suddenly, he heard a noise and drag chairs and a slight murmur. He returned to call his parents with a slight tremor of the voice, but only you answered the cold silence of the walls. It was beginning to overwhelm you, to feel bad. He walked one while longer to get to the kitchen, where it seemed that had left the noise. He went quietly and felt the wall in search of light. Before getting to turn it on, a shadow appeared before him. He could not contain a scream and cover your head with both hands. Then, his mother lit the light and his father appeared behind it with a chocolate cake covered in candles singing happy birthday. A smile lit up her face and after turn off candles, ran to their parents to embrace them with force.

-Congratulations honey! -His mother was at his height to fill it with kisses. Then he took the hand and offered him a chair to sit. His parents sat in front of him and began to eat the delicious chocolate cake that was always her mother for that special occasion. They talked for a while, laughing and telling stories of the day. Already didn’t Charles if gift or not, that surprise and living with their parents was enough birthday gift; then, his parents turned to him when the third piece of cake was already over.

-Do you know, Charles? -Began his mother looking at him with a big smile-. This morning your father and I have been talking about your gift and we could not buy you anything because we didn’t know what you wanted this year, so as you wore time asking it we have done everything because you have something similar to what you asked.

Charles looked at them without understanding anything, didn’t know what you were referring to, but curiosity began to seize him and nervous to know what was that gift was installed at the base of your stomach, making you feel a pleasant tingling extending from feet to head. Without saying anything else his parents caught him each one hand and took him up to the room. Behind the sofa had a bulge covered with sheets which had not noticed until that moment. He stayed in front of him without knowing what to do, petrified by the nerves and intrigue. It writhed is her small hands while passing the view bulk to their parents. At a signal from his father, ran toward the sheet and pulled it with all the strength that could. Eyes are opened as dishes to discover that his parents had made a makeshift battery for it made with plastic pots that had been spent as bleach bottles, bottles and lids of pans and other utensils that served perfectly to hit and make noise nonstop. He turned to his parents and ran towards them to embrace them with force.

-We know that it isn’t the battery that you wanted, but… – Parents, it’s the best to  drum the world! -Parents looked somewhat surprised by that reaction, thought that Charles would be angry if he didn’t have a good drum, but it seemed to be pretty happy with those arrangements that had for months so that it had its own drum without spending the fortune that was supposed to buy one really.

-Do you like really? -Juana did not seem to believe that it was actually so excited.

-It is the best drum in the world!

-We are glad you like it. And now, Jack – one of the pockets of the back of his pants, took out two sticks of wood that Carlos quickly took to move towards your new drum.

-You’ll see tomorrow when I go to school and tell my friends that I have a drum that anyone can buy more. They will be fascinated! And Javi, you will see that I have the best parents in the world.

Juana and Robert something looked surprised but pleased at the same time. It gave a tender kiss and after sitting together on the sofa, watched his son clubbing with force empty the cleaning boats.





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