The shadow of the black cloud was projecting on the asphalt, giving a grim appearance along “Gran Via”. That morning you not thought that it would rain, the sun shining through your window; but leaving home after eating something, the immense cloud had hung over all the city, threatening to download large quantities of water. Despite not carry umbrella and feel that ringing in your ears that predicted that something was going to go wrong, you followed your way to the metro, direction “Gran Via”. Already told your mother that you should always heed your sixth sense, but that day you decided to ignore it. We had proposed a ride that afternoon to not think about the annoying paperwork you waiting at home after your return, those papers that you observe from the table without any apparent expressiveness in their monotonous letters but that just being there, would produce you a feeling of oppression that would gradually up your throat It would cost you to breathe and you agree your boss family because this gave for sending you all work for the weekend and I had missed you ignored your only two days of rest. You remember the Friday afternoon how had approached to your table and with that wide smile that puts each time that it is going to ask for something, you put the papers on the table mountain while saying you that weekend not he could take care of all that because he had things to do, therefore leaving it you you so that you finish it.

You tryed to clear you looking to your around, you felt surrounded by these huge buildings gray, threatening small. People passed by your side without even looking at you, some even you pushed by you moved from one side to the other until you got to stabilize yourself. Despite the threat of rain, “Gran Vía” was filled with people who came and went from one side to another. Had never liked to be in the middle of the crowd, rubbing, the pushing, shouting, cars trying to pass… everything was too much for you. Only heard to say to young girls was beautiful dress that was in the window of the store or that strong that Juan was leaving with Luisa and go party stuck the other night. I could not put the eyes in white when listening to that monotonous conversation. But on the other hand, to be pending so you not overrunning again, so the tide of people you not dragged her to where you were, you were on alert and that allowed that you not think anything else.

You came to “Callao”, and without realizing it, you stayed hypnotized as many others that passed, looking at one of those trailers of any new movie brand new appeared on the big screen that was on the front door of the cinemas. You were so preoccupied in the images so colorful that they not ceased to appear that it gave you time to nothing more than running sheltered somewhere when the torrent of water began to fall about Madrid, without prior notice. You ran towards the building of the Fnac trying to unnecessarily cover your head with your hands, while you felt the stings of the raindrops on your face. Iron with glass door seemed to be much further from what you remember. You stopped a few seconds before her: the inside was packed with people who, like you, had been left the umbrella at home that day. More people, more shoving and over were soaked with the water surface warships until the bones and hair stuck to the face. That day had not been conducive to go out for a ride. While you lamentabas, get air and decided to enter, you empujaste with force the metal door that weighed more than what you remember and went inside. A stifling heat hit you face.

That temperature contrast made a shiver traveled your back. Somewhat overwhelmed you started to take off the jacket that you wore, but, to make matters worse, the right sleeve decided to stay engaged in one of your bracelets. You tironeaste several times, but it seemed to have been proposed to not get out of there. In one of those jerks, due to the inertia of the hitch, your body staggered backwards. Like listening to someone after you say that some of the disks on the third floor were on sale, which would go up since they were there because of the rain to take a look and you meantime trying to maintain balance when you could have gone to look at those disks also. You wanted your misfortune pisaras you a puddle that had formed due to the amount of wet clothes who gathered there. You tried to keep balance but it was useless; slipped your foot and your body is prepared for the hit. But it did not. To open our eyes a penetrating green eyes, he nailed to your pupil and made that you had to hold your breath. The guy who held you by the waist helped you get back on foot while you wondered if you were well. You asentiste with too much effusivity trying to depart the facial hair. That guardian angel you smiled a big perfect smile, a smile that melted you entrails. It stirred you hair as if it was your brother while saying you that next time you had more careful that it would not be there always. You balbuceaste something like a thank you and an agreement. Nerves were skin-deep, you tried to smile but you could not keep staring into those green eyes that seemed to know all your secrets. A line of sun illuminated his face.

The rain had stopped and all those who were there inside began to leave to dry which turtles. Among them was your guardian angel of green eyes that you said goodbye with a “see you soon”, again to repeat that took care of you and walked away with a head tilt. You are there planted one little longer, until you decide to go out to mix again with the noise of the street, of reality, while those green eyes, hands around your waist were drawn in your mind. Out on the street you get air vigorously, as if it had been renewed due to rain and returned to immerse yourself in the river of people. This time you seemed to float between it and a smile in your face. At the end, and after the day had not been as bad as it predicted from the very beginning. In your head time and again repeated the same phrase, “see you soon”, perhaps you spiritless to see.



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