It was a sunny morning in Edinburgh. People had come to walk or gone road to his offices. Street was immediately filled with pedestrians, children scampering from one side to another, women who went out to make the purchase. Santiago had come to live from Malaga for three years already and he had not cost him to get used to that new life. Even that city than where he came liked far more. He came to his office; at the door, with black letters, was his name followed by the word “lawyer”. He entered and after leaving the briefcase on the table, picked up a vinyl record which had in one of the shelves of the office and put it into a small player in a corner of the room. Sat in his black chair while background sounded “Nowhere man” by the Beatles. She was called to the door. His secretary announced the arrival of a young woman. She came and he was surprised to see the resemblance which had with his late mother a few years ago: blonde with a monkey picking up her hair, thin, rosy cheeks, protruding into her pale complexion, thin lips, and, above all, those eyes, that look that was hiding a deep pain. The woman, named Susan, told him that her husband mistreated him a long and wanted to report them. He nodded, increasingly more reminded his mother and, unwittingly, was too involved in that case, his feelings surfaced without control.

One day, she did not go to her appointment with him in the small but cosy bar which had in one corner of the square. He waited an hour but not appear decided to go get she, inside him had the feeling that something was not going well.

He became the home of Susan and hit with force the door, but as he feared, no one responded. He insisted once again, but after not receiving a response, decided to enter by force, although he knew that it was a forced entry. He broke through with a stone the window that seemed to give the hall and went for she with care. Upon entering, he was paralyzed at the sight that had front. The body of Susan lay on the carpet of the room in a pool of blood with a big gap in the head and her side the weapon of the crime: a bloody candlestick. He had to rely on the table that had next to not fall to the ground. Nausea is piling up in his stomach, threatening to leave. The hit was accurate, without notice. He only noticed a twinge in the nape of the neck, then darkness.


There he was, hiding under the dining room table, seeing how his father was beating his mother and him unable to do anything. His mother stopped moving, but his father was tapping it again and again, without a break.

-Do you what you look? -He yelled with this bloodied fists.

Santiago shuddered under the table. The man had killed his mother. He had killed her and he had been able to do nothing to help. Tears ran down his face and the guilt grew on his chest. When he opened his eyes, he thought continue to see his mother’s body lying on the ground, but the neck burning returned to reality. Beside Susan was her husband, looking at her with tears in his eyes, his hands full of blood.  And then, he felt something he had never before felt: anger, hatred and vengeance. That inert body on the floor was a coup of the past. Before he had been able to do nothing but now he could, felt that if Susan avenged his mother also it would be. He was stronger and bigger than her husband. Without thinking, he pushed him against the wall and rushed upon him. His fists were moving uncontrolled, sinking into the face of the man who looked at him surprised, not be able to react. He continued beating him until he felt a soft substance under his hands. Peter’s face was unrecognizable, but he hate raged stronger than ever in his inside. The beast had sparked with fury. He arose and took the candlestick to continue knocking furiously body already lifeless from Peter.

Neighbors hear the cries of Santiago in every shot, called the authorities scared. When police broke into the House, they found only a man full of blood, and staring at his feet two bodies recumbent, one of them completely destroyed.


On November 1, 1983, Santiago Ventura was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder in the first degree.



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