Sweat covered her forehead. Legs trembled. Arms weighed her and fell on both sides of the body. The heart was beating so loud that it seemed that it is going out of chest. The deafening noise of the bleachers prevented listening to their classmates. She took a deep breath and looked at the scoreboard: there were only five minutes and they were losing one.

Whole her body trembled due to fatigue. Bent on herself, the pressure of the moment could she, felt that air lacked. She closed her eyes for a moment to calm down. The noise and the cries of the pavilion disappeared being mired in a complete silence. She should concentrate was the last game and they had to win it, their partners trusted her, and they had to support among all: If one was faltering, wavering all.

She opened her eyes by setting view back on the scoreboard; had only spent a few seconds that had seemed to her eternal. A classmate turned towards her with tight fists and gave her a strong slap on the shoulder. With just that gesture, she infused the force felt undermine every moment. It was still match and they could win it. Five minutes for them it was like an hour; long enough to trace. Memoriam is that all the fatigue she felt was psychological: her body had been trained to endure throughout the game, wasn’t going to scare now because the legs trembled her. She straightened up by taking air with force. The referee whistled and the opposing team began to move the ball at high speed: knew that the match was not over and could still lose the game. It had too much at stake for both teams to lose concentration. When she saw the other girls come to their area, she flex her knees without paying attention to the stabbing pain that felt on her thighs, she arms opened how long was and decided to defend her area with tooth and nail.

The minutes slowly passed, it seemed that not to never end. The trickle of blood that drove her knee into and was prepared to attack took off her hand.

The ball reached her hands almost by surprise and automatically entered head between defense and armed arm as high as her strength allowed. She saw the goal between the two defenders and she saw the hole that could take advantage of; but suddenly, another player more appeared in her field of vision, by dabbing it the space that had been viewed. Her mind reacted quickly: she turned the body to one side, then to the other and went through a tiny hole that saw. But until they could stop her, she dropped the ball to the right without even looking if her partner was ready or not. Just noticed hands that pushed her hard in the middle of the chest, causing her to fall back out of breath. For a moment everything her around clouded; just listening to the whistles of the people in the stands

The horn sounded too soon for her liking. She didn’t want to merge by fear to see the marker. She had gotten to regulate her breathing after the coup, but she dared not move yet. She felt the hands of their partners under her shoulders, pulling she to help merge.

<<We have won!>> was the only thing she listened to her around without giving credit to what she heard. Her teammates jumped to her around and wrapped her in a hug. She looked above their heads between skip and jump towards the marker: they had won three. Chest swelled with pride and felt her heart exploded with joy. She started to jump with her peers to download all the adrenaline accumulated during that hour. All the effort and the sacrifice had been worth.

They were to the coach to embrace him and celebrate with him so deserved victory: without he nothing of all that could have been made reality. After shake their hands with the opposing team, one of the photographers asked them to make them a photo to capture that moment. Together in the band were placed, the colors seemed she brighter because of the euphoria. Park glittered, the lights blinded her, the cheers of the fans wrapped her like a warm and fluffy blanket which caught she between their spleens, rocking it. It could seem deafening to anyone else, but for her it was like a soothing lullaby, a victorious song. Then the flash jumped out leaving her blind for a few moments. That time would be recorded for eternity: all with a radiant smile despite the tiredness and stress. They had gone to the Championship of Spain and would never forget that.



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