Cold glass



Cold ground. Dark night. Bells ringing in the distance. I stood there lying as if it were a rag. The night had started well, we danced with the Prince song after another in the great Hall under the astonished eyes of all those who were there present. She was radiant with her white dress and our cold glass covering their little feet. But midnight came sooner than expected, she ran, stumbled upon the stairs and I was left here lying, in this cold step of Palace.

It all began that same evening. All what I tell now I knew then when some friendly mice told it me. She had been invited by the Prince to a great festival celebrated in his palace, but her stepmother and two stepsisters, not allowed to go and destroyed dress that so long had cost her to make, forcing her to do more tasks in the home, in this way they were of that do not attend the party. Luckily, a fairy godmother appeared out of nowhere and began to deploy her magic so that she could go to the dance: became a pumpkin on a nice float and some mice a few splendid horses pulling it; made him a bright dress nice, then we made my brother and me, standing on her feet to complete her fabulous ensemble. With that eye-catching procession, we headed towards the Palace.

Now I’m here shot without more company than a blanket of stars on me. I hear steps that come running, it is the Prince who has followed looking for it everywhere and I’ve seen, less evil. Catch me with care and brings me to his great room. He speaks with a servant who has accompanied him all the time, tells him everything that happened that night, a few minutes ago, and at the end confesses him that he has fallen in love of it, but do not know her name or where she lives. Poor girl, after all it has suffered because of her stepmother who has it as if it were her maid… She would have to marry the Prince and leave everyone astonished. Background I hear something to taste me at the feet of all the young women of the Kingdom to know who I belong, where lace is lucky that marry the Prince. It is a great responsibility for me, because there may be someone with her same size of foot, so I have to do everything because it fits into her.

Another servant enters through the large door with a red cushion, catch me and puts me on him, then puts me in a large wooden cabinet where Prince provides me with a worried face. Talks between whispering with two servants, Prince set a couple of times, and then made me. One of the servants goes it was a large table, put a piece of parchment, grab a pen that wet out and writes everything that the Prince is dictating him loudly. Tomorrow is the big day, all the youth of the realm will expect anxious I is indicated for her foot. Everything will be decided tomorrow and just wish that she is the chosen…

Now I have to do my role, I have the prominence of this story, to see if all goes well.



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