Lattice door opened with a birdie, took little time cooped up there but seemed to take years. She blinked several times before the rays of the Sun that dazzled she for a moment. A face that she didn’t know appeared in her field of vision, smiling and lengthened arms to pick it up. That being that their holding it she remembered all those who had mistreated her small and unwittingly stood to shake those suffered years. Once out of the cage, she went hand in hand until  she reach someone more familiar, was that woman who always cared for she giving her to eat and drink. The woman’s family face, took her gently and put it on a table, there gave her the necessary immunizations and did a medical Primer: She was officially adopted, she was finally home. That family got into the car, they seemed quite happy that now form part of them. The car was launched and was introduced in the busy comings and goings of the cars.

It took few minutes to get to her new home. She watched with surprise the large red brick building that had front, lost sight of her when the car down the ramp of the parking garage, a garage with grey walls and two large iron gates. They came down and lights are lit automatically, revealing a large full parking space where at most there were cars. Fell, always in someone’s arms and went up to a metal door that opened with a key, entered and had a square of metal with some doors that would have laterally, She didn’t know that it served that. They struck a small button which had in that metal box and a red flicker went on; soon a roar was heard and metal square doors opened revealing a small metal wood-floored room. Enter, on the left had a metal panel full of strange symbols that she didn’t understand and right a kind of transparent panel where there were more people, but it was strange that people who had been on the other side who had welcomed it looked very much like and also carried to someone in her arms that seemed much to her: red hair, Brown eyes, pointed ears, long nails. That seemed rather odd. The girl who took her in her arms struck one of those strange symbols and in soil suddenly began to move, had a strange feeling of emptiness in the stomach when that was launched. In few seconds, which seemed to her hours, that pileup stopped with a small boat and gates returned to open leaving them out.

Steps returned to stop in front of a wooden door, opened it with another key and entered. Once inside she was impressed by the size of the House, this would be her new home and the first printing had given her good vibrations. Let it on the floor so that it will investigate on her own; first thing she did was touch the carpet that had under it, soft and squishy where she could lie down on cold days to catch heat; then she looked to the left and the reflection of the light in white furniture blinded her for a moment, that place went a few delicious odors that attracted her. She came into that room to discover the entire kitchen of white. Looked up to see better the large fridge that stood on her head, furniture for storing things and the high table that was in the Center. She felt curious to know that more new things in that House, so came out of the kitchen and went to the salon; had three sofas, one of them orange and the other two red, a small Crystal in the Center and opposite to the Orange sofa table furniture where it was television. It was contemplating a moment those sofas, had earmarks of being very comfortable yet she didn’t know if she could upload them or not, now would have to follow their rules, but even she didn’t know well her new family, so she decided to further investigate a little more.

Right, there was a large table with several chairs around wood, seemed to be that it was only used on special occasions. Over, what little she could see from the ground because it was very high table, had a glass with some beautiful flowers vase, but she could not see more. Continued walking and came to a huge glass window, she could see a large courtyard with the Red tiled floor full of pots with flowers everywhere, a stone seating around table and a fence of iron by where large number of trees that seemed to grow more down, excelled perhaps had an orchard , but she wasn’t sure.

She heard footsteps behind her and saw that the girl who had picked it up in arms was approaching her. With a big smile full of love she stroked her little furry head, gave her a kiss on the forehead and some words full of sweetness, then opened the glass which was a sliding door and left it out. With the tail on high by the joyful feeling, went out to the terrace and she sniffed there and beyond everything in her path, and indeed, trees protruding above the fence were planted in an area of land which had a little further down, was investigating to see if she could get in some way and found on the left at the end of the courtyard, stairs carrying her down, with great joy, she lowered them to big jumps. When her small legs sank into the Earth, she felt a great happiness. She was to run around and roll in the land that smelled of wet. Then she heard that someone named her new name and they called her insistently, so, very reluctantly, turned to the stairs to climb, but they seemed too big for her, she could not upload them. That overwhelmed her, didn’t know what to do, was still a puppy and everything seemed much larger than it really was. She waited a while to see if they came for her, but that House was very large, and if they didn’t know where she was? And if they forgot her and left out? That prospect was not her another that draw attention, so she began to howl with all the strength that allowed their small lungs. They may not hear it, if it was thus probably would have to spend her first night outdoors and was not an idea that please her. Then she heard a voice utter her name, so she began to howl with more force. She thought that the girl would be angry to discover where she was, but instead, only thing that received was a hug that funding it with kisses, caught it in arms and take her inside the House. Once she was back on the floor and approached the entrance lay on the carpet, moving the tail from one side to another and seeing the transfer that had been in the kitchen. She then repaired to a door to her back that had not seen before. She stood up and moved towards her to take a look. With snout pushed the door, is opened with a squeak, revealing a long corridor, the Fund had another panel of those transparent which she had seen before and on the other side someone who was identical to her, who watched her without sight and repeated all her movements. Approached slowly towards her, leaving aside the bathroom and a room with a bed full of stuffed animals and sat in front, the other side being imitated it. She turned her head from one side to another increasingly faster, but its double followed without any difficulty. She stood and lifted the tail, also imitated it; she raised one leg and put it on that panel, was cold and hard. Its double imitated it by placing the leg against his. And if it was someone who was locked up without family, single as it and the only thing she wanted was having someone with whom linger? She tried to communicate with her to bark and looked like she wanted to say something, because as soon as she started barking, her double also imitated it. Upon hearing the strong dog barking, the girl before came running to see what was happening and to see that it was barking she to her own reflection is laughed. Shee took her in her arms and put her in the mirror, pointing first to her and then to her reflection, repeating the same action with her. Then she realized that who was behind that cold panel was not nobody nothing more than she, was reflected, she had tried to communicate with her own reflection. That made her feel something stupid but its owner found it rather funny and she could not help go to laugh to see that she watching her reflection even with strangeness.

When she put her back on the carpet and closed the door behind her, she understood that the place she had forbidden to enter, so she decided to lie back in her carpet and see from one side to the other to her new family whenever they passed on their side they fell to caress her and she responded with a lick in their hands , or some words of affection. That place was much like her old House but could see how those people surrounding her were that her new home was completely different, the atmosphere was different, felt all her being the love that emanated from those people towards it. It would still have to get used to her new home, visit the sites which were hiding in every corner, make it her and protect her family from intruders. It would not be easy, but she sensed that everything would be fine. Her new home had received her with open arms, now played to it to give the best of themselves so that they would be happy with she.

Lying on her warm carpet, with the tinkling of the bottom kitchen pots and plunged into her thoughts, she fell asleep.



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