The Night Angel 3



Title: Beyond the Shadows

Author: Brent Weeks

Pages: 616

Publishing: Mass Market Paperback

Year of publicate: 2008

Theme: Fantasy


After the death of King Ursuul, it seems that everything begins to calm down. But not so, Kylar has made a deal with The Wolf that must meet if he wants to get his arm. It is also the mysterious letter that found that, without knowing how, belongs to Durzo.

Cenarius, after the death of Ursuul is in chaos: Logan, not to lose more people, to cede the throne to Terah Graesin, leaving it below; Thanks to his sacrifice, Cenarius begins to climb; But behind the mountains that surround the city, stands a new army to take advantage of its weakness and conquer it.

Would can Logan to avoid a new attack? Will Kyllar the deal that made with The Wolf in time be?


As every good thing has to stop, the same goes for this GREAT TRILOGY. Much to my regret, we have reached the end of the way of the young Kyllar. It is one of those stories that you would like to follow eternally, that they have no end; but everything comes to an end, sooner or later.

In this final installment of The Night Angel, the story of Kyllar gives a return unexpected: Durzo is still alive and Elene and Uly have disappeared because of Vi, the disciple of Hu Gibbet. As it has gone through the previous books, we can see how Kylar is growing, is becoming greater, makes mistakes and try to rectify them. He falls in love and he hates with all his being characters who make life miserable; he is also able to forgive.

And well, I can only say that all those who have been encouraged to read, welcome to the world of shadows. Still not have started that, let yourselves be carried away by them.

I hope that the history of Kyllar or Azoth has attracted you much as I. And if you want to know more about this fantastic trilogy and its author, here you have the official page: Brent Weeks Official

Greetings littel people and not do deals with The Wolf!






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