The Night Angel Trilogy 2



Title: Shadow’s Edge

Author: Brent Weeks

Pages: 573

Publishing: Mass Market Paperback

Year of publication: 2008

Theme: Fantasy


After killing Durzo and returned from death, Kyllar decides to take to Elene and Uly to Cenarius, get out them of there and start from scratch with them, along with the love of his life. Elene requests him to, to do this, she put aside his work as Slayer and mount a herbalist, since he understands much about plants. Kyllar accepts, he would do anything to she.

But on Cenarius, a great evil rises due to the reign of King Ursuul, threatening the lives of all its inhabitants, among them Logan that alive is still after all.

What do Kyllar when he finds out that his best friend still lives? It will break the promise that he made to Elene and will return to his hometown in search of revenge?


As it happened with the first book, it also has left me indifferent.

The truth is that Brent Weeks know how to play very well with the surprises and the mind of the reader making us believe one thing, when in fact is another, why this trilogy I love so much. What I like the most are his characters which he presents them so that you do not go for none; what I mean by this, while Kyllar is a killer who kills in cold blood at any price, can not get to hate him because you’ve seen it grow and see all that had to happen, somehow, feel that what makes sense, and even has reason to do so; but, that doesn’t mean that things that the reader is not fully in agreement there are. Brent Weeks knows we all have an odious part and a beloved, there is always something good and bad in all us and that shows it in his characters; on the one hand you can understand what they do and love them for it; and, on the other hand, there are things that are beyond our understanding. For example, I’m with Elene happens to me, I do not understand why do choose to Kyllar from her or his work if she knows that he can not leave it, if she knows what it is really. But each can have their own opinion.

As in the first book, the end of returns to be intriguing and brutal. Leave open many doors, making that the reader is bite nails eager to know how to continue this fantastic story.

Greetings little people!



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