The Night Angel Trilogy

Good little people, today I will tell you of a fantastic trilogy I’ve read recently. If you like the game Assassin’s Creed, maybe this story will engage early on.

We are going to start with the first part of the trilogy entitled The Way of Shadows, to see what you think.



Title: The Way of Shadows

Author: Brent Weeks

Publishing: Mass Market Paperback

Pages: 581

Year of Publicate: 2008

Theme: Fantasy


Azoth is an orphan boy who lives on the streets, his home are the Madriguerasm the only place of Cenarius where he can survive; but know that that is no life for him, wants to go out there, to become the disciple of the great Durzo Blint and end with rat, the Chief of his band for the constant abuses to all young people who, like him, are under his command.

After several attempts to convince Durzo Blint to accept him as a disciple, the killer agrees to teach him his trade, but with one condition: he will have to kill Rat to demonstrate he is willing to everything.

Will he meet the custom of Durzo Blint? What will Doll Girl and Jarl think of all this?


I have no more to say than AMAZING. I loved this story. It has many elements that make you engage: first, and most important, I believe, is the story of young Azoth. How a small child has the courage to confront the leader of his band to get free, but at a very high price. From the moment that leaves the band, will become a ruthless killer and bloody cold.

As I said at the beginning, it is a highly recommended novel for those who like Assassin’s Creed and the world of the killers behind the shadows to give the fatal blow.

But, it initially seems that it will only be the story of the young Azoth following the path that he has chosen; at the end of the novel, his life will be an unexpected twist: Durzo Blint has not told the whole truth about his power and what makes. That final so brutal, makes you want to continue with the trilogy, know more about Durzo Blint and, above all, know what’s going to happen with Azoth. I’m not going to say more, to find out you’ll have to read you this fantastic novel.

Greetings little people!



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