The first snow


We were in London for a few days which to me I went flying. We saw numerous monuments, we entered the worldwide well-known museums, stroll under huge trees in crowded parks. Never forget me the warmth that I felt when I took a hot chocolate in front of a church. It was raining lightly. I had the hood of the jacket covering my face and hands swathed in black gloves. I looked at the sky covered with black clouds and a thin layer of rain covered my face. I accompanied my father to a street caiscais where sold that hot chocolate and grabbed my cup with both hands, feeling the heat that followed that dark liquid through my hands, touring all over my body.

We walked down the street with the Cup between the hands, chatting and pointing from time to time, something that attracted our attention, and we wanted to show the rest. My sister peddled from side to side, pursued by my mother so it wasn’t on the road. Despite the gloomy and sad day that was, I felt euphoric for being in London, enjoying a good hot chocolate while I walked along the streets, integrated into the morning bustle of the city.  Our steps took us to a great library of two plants that imposing loomed before us: a grey building, in keeping with time that, with a few large windows in the front wall that allowed to see from the street what was inside. We decided to go have a look, us resguardábamos so also the rain that had begun to be stronger. Entering by heavy black steel and glass door, I gasped, watching rapt to mi around. High shelves covered every inch of the first floor, full of books of all kinds. I walked among them for a while, looking at the back of all of the books in which my eyes alighting, trying to translate the titles that had been printed with silver letters or colors. I grabbed some and saw them preoccupied in the words that appeared in its thin leaves, as if they could understand something of what there was.

After a long walk between wood shelves, smelling a new book everywhere, we climbed to the second floor. There was a huge paperwork that occupied half of the plant; in the other half had a cafe with small shelves on the sides so that anyone who wanted to, could take any book and submerged in its reading while hot coffee was taken or a cake to satiate hunger. And if you wanted to, you could buy any notebook or pens and pencils in stationery to color and have entertained children. My sister and I toured the showcases of the stationery, watching everything that attracted our attention. My parents, seeing that what we liked, sat at a table in the cafeteria to drink, next to one of the large windows that gave to the street. When my sister and I we get tired of fiddling with everything we could, we sat down with them. I ordered a glass of hot milk and a chocolate croissant and we were commenting on the unusual library. While he absorbed a little milk, I noticed something strange by the window. I looked more closely and me di account that drops of rain were to fall. Instead of vertically, they fell gently, as if they float. I turned to my parents with furrowed brow, informing them of my strange discovery. In my mind, I began to form an idea of what could be happening, but it was not until my father spoke the word “snow” when his face turned me. I went back to look at the window with his eyes wide and I noticed that what before had seemed to me drops, large snowflakes falling slowly, were now some touching the glass without emitting any sound. I looked excited to my parents and almost shouted them that it was snowing, they look to the sky and see the snow falling. They smiled and nodded as if it was also the first time they saw snow. I got up from the Chair and got them quickly so they pay what we had asked for, and thus down when before the street to closely watch the snow fall.

My parents were soon a second foot the Bill, we took the chairs capes and I went as fast as I could the stairs. My parents I followed closely, with my sister just as excited as I. I pushed with all my strength steel door and went out into the street. The cold hit me face, making me feel alive. I turned to the hood and gloves and looked toward the cloudy sky. Some flakes rested on my cheeks, to melt immediately. I couldn’t believe it was snowing me over, but a few flakes were which arrived to touch me.

But soon it stopped snowing and not five minutes had passed since I left by the door of the library. I went back to look at the sky, but I just felt in my face cold drops. I looked at my parents something serious. After a moment of uncertainty, smiled les widely and gave the hand to my mother, ready to continue with our great trip, even with the sensation of tingling in my cheeks.

The snowfall had lasted just a few minutes, but the euphoria I felt at that time would last a lifetime.



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