Hi, little people!

Do you seem to write a little?

I propose a game:

The first Monday of every month I will put on my blog three words: a color, an object and a place; or I can also put any image, and who is want, must write a story with those three words, or as a result of that image that does not occupy more than one face to Word (or the program that you use) i.e., no more than one sheet of paper; It is the only rule that there are. The rest, you have it to you.

During this month you can send your stories to my email and end of month, the text that is selected as the best, will publish it on my blog so that everyone can read it and comment on it.

What do you think?

If you want to encourage you, I will put the first entry this Monday coming, and if there are enough people who are encouraged, will continue with the idea. Suggestions of any type are supported in order to improve this idea: everything is to start!

So I encourage you to write, readers.


Greetings, little people!



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