A butterfly called Freedom


Behind the glass of the window see the grass shine bright green under the first rays of Sun. The tops of the trees are blown by a light breeze making some leaves to reach the carpeted ground falling in a slow rolling, without issuing any noise. Flocks of birds flutter in a blue sky and clouds. Hugo rises from the Chair in which lies and open wide. The cold of morning caresses you face, the singing of the birds are music to his ears. close your eyes so that nice feeling lasts a long time. Reopen them and far on the horizon, where the Sun begins to rise among pointed mountains and green, sees a tiny spot of black color which is zigzagging without apparent control. Hugo gets scared, like every morning you see appear this dark stain. Close the window with bluntness and leans back, sticking everything she can to the wall of the room while contemplating that flying object.

Every morning always is the same. Open your sleepy eyes under a white roof. You have to blink several times to get used to the brightness of the whole white painted room. Their bed squeaking under their weight to merge slowly. It sits on the edge and watch barefoot posing carefully on the ground, as if this burns. It rubs the eyes as if he were a little boy who has not slept enough and rose, stretching how long to stretch your muscles and bones still numbed by the dream. Look, some asleep, to her around in search of something new, hoping that their environment has changed a little bit during the night. but it is still the same; white walls devoid of decorations, a picture or a mirror; nothing. Just a door locked and a window from where you can see this beautiful landscape that always gives them good morning with their lights and sounds. The only furnishings are your bed and a wooden chair that placed next to the window to see better what’s out. And as each day, on the horizon, appears this dark stain zigzagging coming towards him.

Watch with fear, how is becoming larger and its outline will appear before your eyes. First a long antennas, followed by a small trunk that leave four large wings and the latter two end up in a tail similar to the swallows. Is slowly coming up to the window and Hugo breathe relieved to see that she is, as beautiful as always; a large Emerald butterfly. Its Green wings shine with the Sun. It remains suspended in the air, against the window, watching him through the glass. Hugo smiles, comes every day to visit him, but never gets used to its appearance. He approaches the window and reopen it. The song of the birds again fills your ears and the breeze stir your dark hair. The butterfly rests on the sill and moves antennas from one side to another, as if he were saluting him. Hugo extends a hand and the butterfly flutters up to settle on it. He raises it up to put it in front of their eyes. Butterfly seems to stare at him and as if he knew what feels like, boost the flight, turns to her around and goes out through the window. Hugo approaches her and watched as fly free in the blue of the sky, going from one side to another, inviting you with your flight to follow it.

Hugo the yearning notes. He also wants to be free as a butterfly, want to fly away from that cold room, feel the damp grass under their barefoot, running into those mountains that are so far, climb to its top and lie down on it, feeling the rays of the Sun on your skin, tickling her cheeks. The butterfly again enters the room and is placed after him as if you shoehorned out of jumping, as if he incited him to do so, giving you the strength you need to take the decision to finally escape.

Watch for the last time to his cot and, after catch air, place one foot on the sill. You may already notice the touch of grass. You are about to jump, but then you hear them. Guttural vocals that seem to emerge from everywhere. <<You can not do it>>; <<You can not escape us>>; <<We will always go to where you go>>; <<You will be trapped forever>>. Look to his around in search of those who talk, but you don’t see anyone. Butterfly flies from one side to another, scared, urging him to get out as fast as he can to escape from there; but Hugo is paralyzed by fear. Watch out for check with horror how the harmonious landscape is changing rapidly. The grass becomes tongues of fire that become increasingly high and threatening; the trees are rotting at high speed until its rotten trunks fall made pieces to the ground and are engulfed by flames; the mountains on the horizon are made increasingly large covering the Sun completely, leaving all plunged in the dark by their long shadows. Hugo tries to jump, but a few bars of hard and cold steel plug the window, preventing that you can get. Cling to them and shout loudly, asking for help to his beautiful butterfly that flutters from one side to the other without knowing what to do. Hugo extends an arm between the bars to try to grasp it and pull it out of that hell; but muddy and gray arms emerging from flames, trapping their beautiful wings emeralds, covering them with that sticky substance, preventing that it can continue flying. From the other side of the window, Hugo observed horrified how Butterfly fades between the flames. The anguished look of her beautiful friend, engulfed and torn from their freedom by these black hands is engraved in his mind.

Hugo note how the chest explodes you by pain. Hot tears sliding down her cheeks. Screams as allow he his lungs. It creeps towards the opposite end of the room, noting how the flames completely cover the window. Diabolic laughter echoes everywhere. <<Never can be free>>; <<You will always be with us>>;.

-Not! No! -Hugo, frantic – screams-. Leave me in peace!

Ears are top with force and becomes a ball on the floor, shivering with fear. Shout more forcefully trying to silence the voices that resound everywhere, to the sinister laughter that are becoming stronger. The bedroom door opens suddenly and Hugo opens the eyes. See two tall and burly men who catch it with force of arms between tears. Hugo tries to shake them off and kicking.

-Leave me alone! -Shouts to the lung, tussling with the two gorillas who hold him and try to drag it to the bed.

-Hugo quiet, calm down -one of the men holding it speak he slowly, trying to make it in himself-. Now you will sleep quietly, OK? It’s okay – but Hugo does not hear his words useless by their screams.  -We have to sedate him – tells the other man to the first-. Call the doctor, he is beside himself.

Between the two they manage to tie him to the bed, but Hugo still tussling, trying to untie, skinned the wrists and ankles with every pull, but doesn’t care, just want to get out of there. The flames have already entered the room and note heat on your skin. Notice how the two gorillas disappear through the door. The voices still laughing at him. You aren’t hearing anything more than the crackling of the fire and the voices of those that impede their freedom. Then you see it appear by the door, his angel. A beautiful woman’s blond hair and pale face with rosy cheeks. A halo on his slender head and a bright light behind it, forming the outline of two splendid wings. Approaching to it, floating on a cloud and is placed at its height. Hugo contemplates her self-absorbed. The voices are now a slight murmur from far, but flames still searing his skin, even if you don’t.

-Gone – her voice is sweet and cantankerous, relaxes him completely, knows that when she appears, everything ends. Lost in her blue eyes-. Now you can sleep.

Hugo observes how her angel placed a hand on his arm and where it touches him, note a slight prick. His body is relaxing slowly, voices are disappearing and the flames are removed like frightened snakes. His angel placed a hand on his forehead and smiling slightly. Hugo tries to return the smile, but his body is completely relaxed. Between the slits that let his eyelids, he sees how moves away, disappearing through the door that closes behind it. Listen to how to rotate the key, leaving him back there alone, locked in their small world.

While his eyes are closing, think of his beautiful Emerald swallowtail butterfly. When he wake up, he will see it and he is convinced that free board can finally fly to her.



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