Title: Ripper

Original title: El juego de Ripper

Author: Isabel Allende

Pages: 478

Publishing: Hardcover

Year of publicate: 2014

Theme: thriller


Amanda is the daughter of the police inspector, which awakens in her a passion for crimes which led him to create a role-playing game called Ripper in which her together with a group of young lovers of crime, investigating on their own murders occurring in San Francisco. But the game becomes more serious when they begin to occur a series of strange murders that initially do not seem to be related. These tragedies have become a headache for the father of Amanda; but it will be a very interesting game for young researchers of Ripper.

Who is the murderer? Why it kills differently from its victims? Do they get the components of Ripper unravel this mystery before the police?


If keep in the surface of the plot is a detective novel quite good, full of intrigue and mystery; but you have to dig deeper when one reads a novel and in doing so, find me a rather incomplete, ambiguous story.

It is divided in four months in which facts are happening and at the same time, those months are divided into days where each of them are happening in other thing. Until there all right; But what disturbs me is that in those days, Allende is jumping from one topic to another, presents one of the characters, and explains all his past without any basis. At principiopuede it seem interesting, but still it when you continue reading and you realize that what has been explained for those characters not influences the development of history, it is only filling. For me, it would make more sense if I had any bearing on what is counted. I think what it does to introduce the characters and thus give meaning to what they do during the novel, but I still think it’s filling. Perhaps if the structure of the subchapters had been another, probably the presentation of the characters through their past would have been more justified. When you see that the chapter starts with a day, the first thing you think about is that you will tell what happens that day in connection with the murders, but is not so. To me somewhat confused I was, but that does not mean that another that read it not, for taste colors.

But, despite these little things, I think that it is a good novel of entertainment and keeps the plot until the end, it is not known who is the murderer and even surprise you much because it is someone that you’re not waiting for nothing. I recommend it for all those lovers of thriller and intrigue.

Greetings, little people!



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