The master of the Prado


Title: The Master of the Prado.

Original Titel:

Author: Javier Sierra.

Pages.: 320.

Publishing: Atria Books.

Year of Publicate: 2015.

Theme: mistery.


A young Javier Sierra travels to Madrid to continue his studies of journalism in the big city. At the beginning it seems that is going to be one year either, filled with studies, work and exams; but everything changes when you decide to visit the Prado Museum and as self-absorbed “La Sagrada Familia” by Raphael, shows one elderly man who begins to talk about the secrets surrounding the picture and many others that are in the Museum. But what Sierra doesn’t know is that from then on, his life will a turn unexpected.

Who is that strange man? Why those paintings painters decided to introduce indecipherable enigmas to many in his paintings?


Well, what I can say about this book? I think that the simplest would be to say that you have to read it to know what it feels like as you’re discovering strange enigmas along with the protagonist, which in this case is the same Javier Sierra, who accompanied us “by hand” through the different rooms that make up the Prado Museum. Since the first appearance of the master, you will be hooked to this story. This character appears rarely, but they are sufficient so that you can not stop reading the pages of this book.

In this story you will discover the mysteries and prophecies hidden in such famous paintings as “La Perla” by Raphael, already mentioned above; “The garden of earthly delights” of El Bosco, “The triumph of death” of Brueghel the elder; “The story of Nastagio Degli Onesti” of Botticelli; or “La Gloria” of Titian and others. Each of these boxes hidden among the portrayed characters a secret, a prophecy that the painter of the four introduced in his work so that he who would be able to decipher it knew the truth that was hiding in it, a really overwhelming but at the same time coveted by many. A truth that I am not going to say, since to that it will be best that you read the book.

After finishing reading it I could not help feeling a feeling of emptiness inside me. I’ve noticed is that I don’t really know anything about painting and even though I would like to know about her, I would be impossible because there’s always something hidden among their strokes, between the characters or landscapes that are reflected in the canvas. The truth is that they are all an enigma and to finish the book to me, I’ve noticed more of this.

I recommend this book for all lovers of the supernatural and the enigmas. I liked and the next time you see a picture, no longer see you the same way. Everyone will have an enigma for me hidden.

Greetings, little people!



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