About pictures, books and heroes


Title: About pictures, books and heroes.

Original title: Sobre cuadros, libros y héroes.

Author: Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

Pages: 64


Year of publication: 1998

Theme: historical and fiction.


Pictures with history, books with a past behind, misunderstood heroes who never has been considered. Soldiers who were forgotten after years captured in the same canvas than the great heroes of history. Protagonists of stories that after discovering his past were not as good as we have been. Heroes forgotten that never know anything, or if you want their names.

What is behind each of them? Why it fell into oblivion even before the work out to the light?


This work is a compilation of several articles where Perez-Reverte adopts the voice of narrator and exposes his thoughts and opinions on some of the most famous paintings that exist and books that have marked a history, books that everyone knows, but that is only left with what they see, not delve into the “interior” of what they say. But here does it Reverte. It analyses and depth in those forgotten characters without a name appearing in the paintings, just a face in which nobody because he does not represent anyone important. In some of those articles Reverte even “gets”, so to speak in any way, at the head of the character in question, giving his point of view in the first person and reasoning the why his name or his exploits are not recognized by anyone.

There is also an article in which he talks away Dumas’s “The three Musketeers”. Who has read “The club Dumas”, knows enough about this writer and the true story of Atos, Portos, Aramis and d’Artagnan young. But in this short article focuses only on its history, explaining step by step life of Dumas and linking it with the real and historical lives of these famous characters that have marked many people and we all know his adventures and feats. The truth is that this article is that I liked more because as the truth about the Musketeers, a truth that is not that not has come to us, but that we have not wanted to know. It has catalogued these four characters as heroes, saviors of France and great people; but Dumas did not paint them all as well, but won’t discover the pie, that I leave to you. So, if you want to know more about the true story of d’Artagnan and yours and how it really ends the history of these three extravagant characters, read this short story; In addition, so also can learn more about other unsung heroes that they did much more than what they tell us and not been recognized them as should.

Greetings little people!



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