A matter of honor


Title: A matter of honor.

Original title: Un asunto de honor.

Author: Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

Pages: 144.

Publishing: Alfaguara.

Year of publication: 1995

Theme: honor.


A night that seems like any other, it changes completely the life of Manolo, an ex-presidiario truck driver. To make the stop of rigour in the brothel of the Portuguese Almeida, he meets Maria, a girl of 16 years and small stepsister of “Nati”. Mary wants to see the sea because you’ve never seen it and to learn that Manolo going to Faro, Portugal, decides to hide in his truck to take you with him. This fact changes completely the life of Manolo who will flee in his truck toward their destination together with Mary pursued to the ends of Portugal by Almeida, “Nati” and the bodyguard of the brothel.

Why Almeida insists on pursuing them to Portugal? And most importantly, what is the reason of Manolo to protect Maria to the point of giving his life for her?


This story is very touching and I liked. The history that surrounds this odd couple is intriguing from the outset, in addition to the facts that they are going to make that you can not stop reading because you want to know what will be the next step to give to flee from the clutches of Almeida. In few chapters you know much about the characters and that makes you simpatices more with them.

On the one hand it is Manolo, who at first does not understand the reason for which is helping a young woman to see for the first time the sea; But despite internal conflicts, it is able to do anything for her. On the other hand is Maria, a young girl with a dream that sees the opportunity for after meeting Manolo. This determination to see the sea is because after reading “The lost treasure” and see how described it in that book, he wants to see it with their own eyes, not knowing that to get into the truck it will start a war that can only end in one way.

One of the things that I liked most is that the characters and the story are very close. Even the protagonist is not a hero as the film, but it also has its dark past and what does Maria sometimes may seem bizarre or meaningless, but that anomaly in a so-called hero is what makes the character of Manolo is real and I like that because it is something unusual.

The end I will not say it, but it is unexpected, and Reverte leaves a little in the air so the reader draw their own conclusions. This story I recommend it for those who like action and intrigue, because it is what you will find here.

Greetings little people!



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