The Hussar


Title: The Hussar

Original titlte: El húsar

Author: Artura Pérez-Reverte

Pages: 176

Publishing: AKAL

Year of publicate: 1986

Theme: historial novel


Frederic is a French young man who lies in the conquest of Spain as part of the Cavalry of the army and Napoleon. The glory is the only thing that keeps you going without caring about anything and get into battle is his only wish.

But, what if the only thing in what you believe disappears suddenly?


What can you tell of Perez-Reverte’s books? Who has read something yours will know what I mean. All his stories are full of history and mysteries and in this brief work could not miss anything like that.

What has most surprised me initially is that it has the conquest of Spain from the other side, from the point of view of a French soldier. And not only that, but that this protagonist is a young boy who has left behind his family, and even a girl by going to conquer a land filled with savages who kill without any regard to any French that crosses its path.

Throughout history we see a progressive process of evolution in the protagonist. In the early chapters is a young man excited and motivated by the war, wanting to enter soon in combat to know what it’s like on the battlefield and its only aim is to kill all the Spaniards that possible and perform some heroic to get the glory, something very precious by soldiers, since that means his name will be recorded in history and will be recognized. But as they pass the days in Spain, the charm of the war is waning in the eyes of Frederic which, upon entering at last the long-awaited battle occurs account of what is actually fighting other soldiers so fierce and bloodthirsty as it, willing to do anything in order to survive one more day.

It has given me feeling go accompanying Frederic in a maturation process that has come to blow. The story begins with a young boy, with hopes and dreams and ends with an adult man, who seems to have lived a thousand battles and that initial charm of the war has disappeared over time.

I recommend this novel to anyone who like history and war, because in this brief work you will find all that. But to read it you should be prepared for unpleasant and somewhat bloody scenes. But, what is expected of a story based on a real war? Not everything will be nice…

Greetings little people!



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