Bottle of memories


On the first rung of the ladder he saw a crimson red puddle that seemed to shine with their own light; above, as the Trident on the rise of the same Poseidon stood, threatening, a simple fork.

She went to her office at the same time always. The monotony was starting to get tired. She toured the halls as if it were a cloud, everyone watched it with eyes of desire, waiting for any look or gesture for her part that melt them entrails and make them sigh. From time to time, she inquisitively an eye one or smiled to another. She sat down at a large table and preparing papers for her forthcoming trial, when she heard that somebody was beaten to the door. After indicate with a mellow voice that could enter, a young, tall and handsome, Guy dressed in black suit, as it was forced to go to work, it became timidly to the interior of white walls lighted office. She indicated with a movement of the head and the most angelic smile that she knew how to put, to sit in the Chair that had been free, in front of she. The young man obeyed immediately and began to wring hands. She observed it for a few minutes, knowing that so that would put more nervous. She liked to put in a bind to new interns. When she saw that his face had gone through all the shades of Red that existed, she started with the interview. He liked she, despite his shyness. It had crystal blue eyes. Seemed a nice guy willing to what was working in that firm. She could not help an electric current to scour her body. What would he be prepared to make was a question that was dying to answer quickly; but maybe at another time.

The interview lasted not much more and the boy disappeared behind the door somewhat calmer than when he entered. She returned to direct her attention to the papers she had on the table, but not spent much time until they returned to call and until she could say anything, a brown, eyes green and burly man came in, closing the door behind him. Watched it top down with lascivious gaze and smiled slightly as he approached it, rounded table and kissed she with unbridled passion. She smiled under his lips and rounded his neck with her long arms, rejoicing in the feeling of pleasure which it make forbidden. After his outburst of passion, while she buttoned again the blouse, proposed the Green-eyed man that happened at home that night, she would be alone and could take advantage of better weather.

The doorbell rang several times. She finished painted red lips before opening. Without saying a word, they kissed frantically, leaving on the lips of the remains of the lipstick. Without further ADO, while they were still kissing passionately, he closed the door with the heel and surrendered to the other.

They were lying on the sofa, just covered by a thin layer of sweat, when, suddenly, a key entered into the lock of the front door, open slowly. The two lovers were incorporated, frightened, trying to dress up in haste, as if they might as well delete what had happened. A tall woman, of wavy, blonde hair smooth and pale complexion, came through the door. She approached almost running to kiss her and so gain some time. At the beginning, the newcomer did not seem to notice anything unusual, but then, she saw his eyes shine Green behind it. The newly arrival turned quickly into the kitchen and grabbed the first thing found. Just as quickly, it left there and headed towards the man who could only see something glistening in the hand that the blond woman stood on her head. Mistress turned towards the door, closing it quietly and contemplating what her true love to. She stabbed him several times in the chest knife and spread a little of it. But he still had sufficient forces to push she aside and rush towards the only exit that was possible. By putting the foot on the first step, he notice that somebody beat him with force the neck and fell on the stairs, inert. Mistress turned to the kitchen, took a fork and gave it to hier blonde Companion. Act followed, with the help of the knife and fork, took out those green eyes that glittered still life. She took them with care and turned to her accomplice. she kissed her with force and cruelty, watching those beautiful green eyes containing inside last pleasant memories and that would soon be part of her eyepiece collection both smiled. The blond woman climbed the stairs slowly while her companion noted how dropped the fork on the last step.



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