Trailer book

Title: Gladiatrix

Author: Russell Whitfield

Pages: 344

Publising: Paperback

Year of publication: 2008

Theme: historical


Lysandra is a Spartan priestess of the Temple of Athena, who decides to make a long boat trip to extend their beliefs beyond the temple, but his destiny is truncated when the ship that was sailing sinks, she being the sole survivor. It is found by Roman soldiers on the shore and sold as a slave to Lucio Balbo, the most prestigious lanista of Rome.It is a proud woman and who believes that race is much better than all the others, causing numerous conflicts with the other Mary of ludus.

But after fighting in the arena, will gain the favour of the public and, even, the Lucio Balbo what will make some Mary you have envy and want his death. You will need to fight countless times in the sand to save his life and be closer to the long-awaited freedom, but, and if the real enemy within the walls of ludus and not in the sand?


I have no more words to describe this INCREDIBLE book. I liked very much and above all what most caught my attention is that Russell Whitfield has been based on an ancient stele discovered at Halicarnassus in 19th century where a scene in which two armed women fight between them is represented and under this representation, there is an inscription with the name of both fighters (Aquilia and Amazon) who earn the freedom after the match. This is why that this book I liked both.

The truth is that I did not know that there were women Mary, I thought that was “thing of men” in ancient Rome, but after reading this book I discovered that it wasn’t so. At first I thought it was a book of fantasy was created where a parallel world in which women could be Mary, but is not the case; There were real and that has impressed me very much. Therefore, that I liked so much, women able to fight like men, killing and bleeding without pain and fight until the last breath for their lives.

The story is well documented. The places and traditions of ancient Rome are patent throughout the novel, it seems that you’re there surrounded by these magnificent buildings and that peculiar people, their customs and their smells. You feel Roman for a few moments. And, as in everything related to the Romans, blood and sex are guaranteed. The bloody scenes are very explicit: crackles bone, cracked necks, broken noses, rivers of blood covering bodies… Everything is very well described; like sex scenes. It might seem unpleasant at certain times, but this more real makes it even shows you the life of Roman slaves, Gladiators (in this case Mary) as it was and everything that had to suffer to live another day.

It is a highly recommended novel, not only for the story it tells, but because it serves also to soak up the history, learn more about the people and their culture from the Empire. In addition, I recommend it be, not only to all those lovers of ancient Rome and the history, but also to all those who have seen films such as Gladiator, Spartacus, or 300. Even to those who were always pending the tele to see Xena or Hercules. In addition, I can recommend a series that is very similar to the story that is told in this novel, Spartacus. I began to see this series, was caught by the story, then read the book and I realized that were very similar stories with the only difference that the characters changing sex. Gladiator is a story touching and full of action, that is why I love, besides already said before: is based on historical characters.

I highly recommend this great novel for all lovers of the battles, the Roman life and love.

Greetings, little people!



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