Pact of loyalty


Title: Pact pf loyalty

Original title: Pacto de lealtad

Author: Gonzalo Giner

Pages: 624

Publishing: Planeta

Year of publication: 2014

Theme: historical


Year 1934, Madrid. Zoe is a young woman that her dream is to be veterinary, but at the time in which lives, even the woman has no centre stage which should and is capable of studying at the University is unthinkable. However, she will do everything to achieve their dreams and will not be alone. But they are dark years for the Spaniards. It achieved its purpose?

Meanwhile, in Germany, under the rule of Hitler, Luther veterinarian is responsible for the greater breeding German shepherds, but what you don’t expect is the great task that will receive part of the most powerful German ruling at that time, faithful followers of the Führer. But you can carry out the difficult mission entrusted to it?


It is an incredible historical novel. It is full of emotion, tension and intrigue. It is a fascinating story that mixes two of my passions: animals and the history. Gonzalo Giner manages to create a fascinating atmosphere where the protagonist along with his faithful dog, champion, run numerous adventures and mishaps will be presenting.

To me thought me it fascinating because it reveals a facet of our history that no one has spoken to us and is the important work that the women did at that time, women who decided to skip the rules and start making works supposed that they were “just for men”, in this case, attention focuses on the incredible career of veterinary : the first steps that were so they could enter the universities to study; the great effort made to keep the pace of the studies; and above all, the great capacity of overcoming that had to withstand all kinds of comments and teasing by their status as women. Despite this, there were many women who did not cease to fight for their rights and treat them with more respect. I consider myself a feminist and have read this book has made me more realizing the amount of women who fought so now we can enjoy the freedoms that we have, it seems fascinating to me.

But if therefore it was enough to make me encandilara this book, there is something else that he did make it in one of my favorite readings and is another of the major themes are animals, in particular dogs. If it explains the beginnings of women in a world that, until then, had been men, it also refers to the beginnings of canine training to help the Red Cross with the rescue people. It is very interesting to know its principles, how they began to create specific workouts for every breed of dog that believed to be the most appropriate for certain types of tasks and hard work that entailed by that time to carry out that task.

This story, I loved especially by these themes that dominate it. In addition, as it is narrated makes you dive in the history of the young Zoe and be able to learn more about the history of Spain, a part of our history that don’t get to count in any text book and yet it is just as important as any other.

It is highly recommended for all lovers of animals and the history.

Greetings, little people!



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