Silk traps


Title: Silk traps

Original Title: Trampas de seda

Author: Mar Carrión

Publishing: Terciopelo

Year of publication: 2012

Theme: thriller


Jodie is an actress who tries to gain foothold in the world of cinema, but so far only has a supporting role in a series. His life takes an unexpected turn when out jogging in the nearby forest, as every morning, stumbles upon a hooded man who is burying a young woman. After a Chase, you get away from miracle of their claws.

Max, a homicide detective, keeps track of <<he executioner of Hollywood>>, a serial killer who has already killed several young actresses; but there is no conclusive track that makes them go after a suspect who is the murderer? what will be your next step? will have something to do with the hooded that Jodie was found in the forest?


The intrigue and suspense are insured in this novel. The author from the first moment manages to create an atmosphere of tension that keeps it until the end. As in any novel, the love can not miss, but the relationship between the two main characters is a relationship that until the last moment it is not known how going to end because of the amount of ups and downs suffering the two both their work and personal charges. Mingle two enigmas: one is to know what will happen at the end between Jodie and Max, the sexual tension that exists between both is palpable, and you get to feel it in every pore of your skin; the second is to find out who is < the executioner of Hollywood >.

From the first page, the author deals with history the two protagonists: begins with what happens to Jodie and when Max appears in his life divided the story into three parts: what happens to Jodie, what happens to Max and what happens when both are. Tension becomes more intense when the author begins to focus part of the story on the killer, by placing your focus of attention on him and some paragraphs you are “seeing” the same as him, which makes their victims.

The novel is very well achieved, the only downside that would you would be the end. The identity of the murderer is not very clear, it seems very forced, as if he did not know who put how killer puts one character either, one that comes only once in all history to say three words and already is. There are other characters who seem more logical reasons for wanting to murder those actresses and even during all the novel, the author makes you think that one of these characters is the killer, but then shocked me enough that it elected which has chosen. I understand that you wanted to surprise the reader with a character that no one expected, but does not explain the what or why has to commit these murders and how he chose his victims, does not explain the background of the character. But it can also be a feeling mine and that if someone read it and find out who is the killer seems most logical thing in the world.

Despite this small objection on my part, that I have become stricter with readings, I recommend this novel to all lovers of suspense and black novels, who like having the beautiful spot every time and not wanting to stop reading until you have finished the story, this is your novel.

Greetings, little people!



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