The Alchemist’s daughter


Title: The Alchemist’s daughter

Original title: Die Alchimistin

Author: Kai Meyer

Pages: 666

Publishing: Wilhelm Heyne Verlag GmbH, München

Year of publicate: 2007

Theme: mistery


Aura lives in a castle with his parents, his sister and an adopted brother. His father is enclosed in the roof in his research on Alchemy and the only one who knows his secret is his eldest daughter. Everything changes when he arrives at the castle of Christopher, a new adoptive son who has brought his mother. From the first moment it falls you well and feels a great hatred for him that will be increased when his father chooses him as an alchemist apprentice. His life may not worsen more until his father tells you that you will go to a boarding school until he turns 21.

While she take the train going from road to her prison, in the Castle a murderous stranger hermaphrodite hired assassinated her father before the terrified eyes of Christopher. This, to fear that if discovered, the body loses the opportunity to study Alchemy, is buried on the roof. But who is the murderer? ‘Who has been sent and why? That think Aura when she discover everything?


For my taste, the novel is too slow. Actions that give something of life are slow to occur and to read me has become heavy. Although the history is full of intrigue and suspense, as the action so slow, when arrives the time of happening now you’ve lost interest and don’t read it as carefully as you should to learn well what is happening.

This is not to say that the novel is bad. It is very well written and has much mystery, although in some cases it is too much and you can miss in the history. For me, the problem I think that it has been that the writer has mixed several stories of various characters all at the same time and in some moments of you lose because you do not know which character is talking about at some point. Even it has happened to me in some actions already knew what was going to happen before the end, but Kai Meyer continued to write trying to give more intrigue to the plot when already knew what was going to happen, then the reading became somewhat monotonous.

The truth is that this book has left me with a somewhat bitter taste, because while the story is good and intriguing, at the time of writing it has focused too in frills and attempting to roll to the reader, but what has achieved has been that you bored me reading a story that initially promised but then has been nothing.

Greetings, little people!



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