Title: Allegiance

Author: Cayla Kluver

Pages: 455

Publishing: Amazone Encore

Year of publication: 2010

Theme: love and war


After the wedding of Steldor and Alera, citizens breathe a little peace, although the cokyrianos are still lurking behind the walls. The relationship between Alera and her husband is in constant tension since she does not love him and flees from him. But the little peace it enjoyed is altered by the troops of the cokyrianos who begin to attack the Kingdom, putting at risk all citizens, even to the Kings. Now will have to fight with all its strength so that the Kingdom will not fall into the hands enemy, but leave their differences so that together can defeat the enemy?


In this second installment seems to Cayla has matured quite his way of writing, I have not already found the small failures of repetitions of words and sentences on a single line; In addition, this book gets create more excitement for events. Knows how to finish the chapter so that you have to continue reading and throw yourself hours before you go to sleep, forcing you to have to release the book because if you are not awake all night and reading.

This then I liked much more than the first. There continues to be a growth and a progressive maturity into the main protagonist whom you’re accompanying throughout its history. Very well arranged the theme of how learns everything that surrounds it, although discussions between other characters are quietly or in other rooms. To be written in the first person, it is an issue complicated learning of everything that happens in the realm, but Cayla has known how to do it thanks to the status of Queen that the protagonist has in this second part.

Without adding new characters joining the history, Cayla manages to create an atmosphere of suspense in this novel that goes with it to the end. You don’t know what’s going to happen until it is happening and that encourages to continue reading because you want to know what happens at every moment; In addition, reading it seems that I’m living it, watching a movie in the first person since the story she tells her and their descriptions on the places where everything is developed.

The truth is that I am desirous that draw in Spain the third and last break of this trilogy because it is a story that engages and, despite what may seem, fails to be a story of love, but of loyalty and courage, Alera just what you need to go ahead and take his Kingdom to victory.

It liked me discover this young writer because I believe that it is for this, it has all the essentials to create a good story and not bore the reader. I hope to encourage more people to read it because, in my opinion, it is priceless.

Greetings, little people!



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