Title: Legacy

Author: Cayla Kluver

Pages: 426

Publishing: Amazon Encore

Year of publication: 2009

Theme: love and war.


Alera, the Princess of Hytanica, lives in the Palace only worried about the gossip and intrigue that surround it. But it will reach eighteen years old, old enough to marry and thus have a successor to the throne. His life changes when the cocky young Steldor is the chosen by his father. It seems that there is no other option until it appears the mysterious Naryan, a boy who was kidnapped recently born by the cokyrianos, a Kingdom which is in constant struggle against the hytanicanos to conquer his Kingdom.


Despite some bugs in writing and some repetitions of the same phrases on the same line that may be due to his youth when he wrote this novel, you can say that Legacy is a story that engages. Alera, is a young and rebellious girl with which many might feel identified with it. Cayla manages to make clear all the feelings of the Princess, giving logical reasons to all of their acts. Although in principle did not feel much sympathy for her because, as a princess who is, it was me too whimsical for my taste; but, it is true, has as the story unfolds, I’ve been understanding it more e, even I have accepted and supported many of their decisions or actions. The author gets more than, I think, make the reader feel identified with Princess and speak enfemenino for something I think obvious: the protagonist is a girl and, as such, many of us have had the same problems as her, although we are not princesses. What at first seems a simple love story, as the pages, the story go by is evolving and with her own protagonist, you’re maturing with her. New problems and new doubts that will make you want to continue reading to find out what happens and what are the decisions of Alera.A me I liked enough and I recommend to all those girls that at some point in their lives have felt that everyone was against them and trying to control them and have yet followed fighting for what they believed or what dictated them your heart. Now I will start to read the second part of this trilogy. I am looking forward to know how will end the history of this young Princess.

Greetings, little people!



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