Gathering darkness


Title: Gathering darkness.

Author: Morgan Rhodes.

Pages: 448

Publishing: SM

Year of publication: 2014

Theme: fantasy.

Well, then here comes the third part of this tetralogy. You are already running less to get to the denouement of the story and on the one hand I’m looking forward to it, but on the other, because think it me a great story. But it is not time complaining, is still to get the last part, so, for now, touch enjoy what there is. I hope that you’re enjoying as much as I with this story. Notice that here may appear some spoilers, so I highly recommend that you read them, not only to read this review, for who has not read the first two, but because it is an incredible tetralogy.

Let’s go for the third part!


Auranos: Cleo is still between the claws of the bloody King and this increasingly trust less in it. But luckily, the Brothers coming from distant lands have your attention and just you can deal with keeping it away from the stems that begin to interest more people. In addition, you will not only have to deal with the constant threats of the King of Auranos, they must fight against his son Magnus, her new husband who does not trust them and makes life impossible.

Lucia, tired of following orders from his father who only thinks about their interests, decides to elope and search stems himself convinced that already cannot be confident in anyone.

Paelsia: Jonas remains at the head of the rebels, but their ranks are very damaged because of the strange natural phenomena that are taking place in all Mytica. Despite the warnings of nature and magic that surrounds the three kingdoms, still looking for stems and, Furthermore, constantly looking for a way to end the bloody King and recover their land.


Well, as I’ve been saying since the first review, this tetralogy is amazing and as it goes the story is liking me more.

This part of the story that I liked most was the incorporation of the two brothers. Already the elder brother knew in the second part, and he is now added to the sister who will give much more game, will also be thanks to it by giving the story an unexpected turn.

The evolution both of history and of the characters is still evident. At the beginning, in the first book, as I said, are presented to the characters; in the second he started to introduce the concept of magic and appear for the first time the stems; and, now, in the third, following this line of evolution, is beginning to know all the history that surrounds these strange stones. Everything starts to make sense and to who have continued the story from the beginning, the desire to learn more about magic, about the goddesses and characters, in this third book, many questions will be resolved, but, as you might expect, there will be many others.

I don’t want to dwell much more. Anyone who has read the first two know what to find: mystery, murders and many more surprises. I don’t want to reveal much more, so I think I’m going to leave it for now and hope that it is enough to encourage you to continue reading this fantastic tetralogy.

And I don’t want to leave without say before what already adored… I WANT A PRINCE MAGNUS IN MY LIFE.

Greetings, little people!



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