Rumours in the dark


– You know that we couldn’t be here, isn’t it? -Says Hugo with a raised eyebrow.

-Since when should have imported that? -She looks at him with a half a mischievous smile.

-Never… but will someday that we caught.

-And when that day comes I will already be very far.

She returns him to smile while he continues walking by the sinister mansion garden. Hugo follow closely looking at her from time to time backwards, open-minded. Give the last steps to the door of the House that is cracked and discolored and look to her around. Alex takes out a small black box of the small pocket of the black bag that hangs from one of his shoulders and opens it while it shines with the small flashlight. In its interior there is a large collection of picks, chooses the most appropriate and introduces it in the lock. Despite being very old, it opposes resistance; but, finally, it sounds like a slight click. Returns to keep the case in the backpack and slowly turning the knob. The door hinges creak and squeak when it is pushed and that puts it on alert; before continue to push, looks to her around. After verifying that it has not raised suspicions, he comes into the House, followed by Hugo.

The ground crunches under their weight and the door closes with a loud bang. Alex turns to his partner with action look.

-I don’t look so… He has been unwittingly -He says in a low voice. Alex denies slowly with his head while it becomes to continue with his way.

She illuminates the room in which are found. Decorative walls paper is colorless and falls into long strips to the floor. They are in a small hall. On your left there is a stairs that seem to lead to the mouth of hell itself. To his right, a small and narrow corridor continues.

-Let’s start with the part below -Alex whispers to his companion. This seat staring face of disgust towards her around.

Alex begins to carefully walk forward, try not to make too much noise, but the old soil makes it difficult. You are lighting the way. On the walls you see some twisted and broken pictures that manage to stand only on one of its corners. They come to a sliding glass door. Alex grabs the knob and pulls with force, but the wood yields and breaks, staying with the knob in the hand. Hugo released a silent laugh. Alex regards it with a poorly concealed smile and stoop to leave it in the ground with care. Put your hand through the hole that has been pushing hard. Falls a fine layer of dust on them. Hugo tries to contain the cough, but it is useless. Alex turns to him and asks that it contains your index finger over his lips. It cover the mouth and nose to try and swallow the least amount of dust as possible. When it gets to breathe normally, seat and lift your thumb in warning to continue with their exploration. Alex nods and follows its path. It illuminates the room in which they are entering. It seems that it is the lounge. In the background, an old TV with a thick layer of dust covering the screen, opposite, a sofa that looks like that it is green, but they may not make it. To the left there is an old round table surrounded by four chairs: two of them lying on the ground with broken hind legs. Next to the table, a large cupboard stands imposing. Their shelves are covered by several layers of dust, frames with apergaminadas photos and some books with loose or worn blades. The beam of light goes on his way up to the wall where there is another door. Alex and Hugo are directed towards it and open it with care: inside, the kitchen into disuse.

-Where do you think you can be? -Asked Hugo in a low voice while they study all the corners of the kitchen with scrutiny.

-I do not know -answer Alex looking at all sides-. According to the legend, all died in their rooms; But if they are ghosts, they can be found in any corner of the House.

-I’m looking forward to appear, if there is only one…

They are coming out of the kitchen, when the roof creaks over their heads. Both give a respingo and glued as can to the wall they have behind them, looking up; then they look at each other. The neck hairs bristle you when they hear steps at the top. With each tread, falls powder between the roof boards.

-What we are doing now…? -Asked Hugo with a voice thread.

-Let us go -She turned to him with furrowed brow; replies This seat with gravity and follows her through the narrow corridor.

They arrive at the foot of the dark stairs and stop there a moment. Both direct the beam of light from their lanterns to the top. A cracked mirror returns them shimmer. They look, pick up air and begin to climb the stairs. These creaking under their weight, producing a plaintive sound. They stop halfway because they heard a slight rustling in the distance.

-It may not be -says Hugo. Your tone seems upset.

-It is normal. It is a haunted house -Whispers Alex with a half smile-. You know how these things are.

-When will they learn…

They follow the sound of voices that lead them to a room that is located at the bottom of the Hall. The door is ajar and when they stop in front of it, the voices to cease. Hugo and Alex look and introduce hand into one of the pockets; then, push with force the door that creaks in such a way that it appears to be about to break.

-Who’s there? -Yells Alex with force, entering the room like a Gale, targeting all corners with the flashlight. In the background, in a corner, sees a brown-haired boy covering his arms a girl from blonde hair that covered the face with hands-. You do not move. We are FBI -as she says this, takes the hand of pocket and teaches a plaque to the couple. These raise the head, scared.

-You know that here you can not be, right? -Says Hugo standing beside his partner-. You are at the scene of a crime, that sure that you know -the two young men seated slightly-. What you know about what happened a few days here?

-We learned through the press that a guy had suicide here -He begins to talk about the boy with a thread of voice-. We wanted to see if his ghost still here because of the legend that circulates about this place.

-Children tale… -Says Alex slowly shaking head while you keep the plate in your Pocket-. Come out of here until you esposemos and you bring to the barracks by extortion.

The boys settle and rise as fast as they can in the corner. Alex and Hugo illuminate them the way to the front door. From there they seen them run out of the garden. Then, they close the door gently and look.

-You’ve brought you a false plate? -Hugo asked with a raised eyebrow. For every answer, Alex pulls the plate from his pocket and opens it-. Terminator insects -read it aloud-. Go… Fortunately, those boys are not experts -He returned to it with a half-smile-. And came the father of the family that lived here before? -Asked Hugo frowns, changing the subject.

-He hanged himself after sticking to his family in their rooms -Alex smiles slightly.

-Do you think that it was he who killed that guy?

-It is the safest. His body was found hanging from the ceiling of the master bedroom, but there was neither chairs nor any other indication that it had been he who had hanged; but as they found no evidence, they determined that it had been a suicide.

-Then it is one of our cases -Alex nods as he turns to the interior of the House.

Suddenly, in the distance, thinks he sees a flashing silhouette. It gives you a nudge to Hugo and points forward. This look into there with furrowed brow and also sees that strange silhouette. This disappears suddenly. An intense cold seizes the House. Thin clouds of mist out of his mouth.

-It is already here -Whispers Alex looking at all sides.

-We will have woken up to it…

A strange force drives them back, doing that they collide with force against the wall of the entrance which creaks with DIN. Both fall to the ground, sore. While attempting to stand, a chilling cry echoes in his ears. They close their eyes vigorously. Alex opens them when the sound stops. It will check back to see before her a whitish and semi-transparent face glued to his. A terrifying grin looks out onto her lips, eyes seem to go out of their orbits and the little black hair floats on your scalp like tentacles. Open your ugly mouth on it and raises a hand that introduces his body inside. Alex note how the air lacks. He grabs the neck in a vain attempt to stop the choking. His face begins to turn purple, it seems that it won’t hold much more. Suddenly, a dry noise sounds on your right, something about touching his face and the ghost disappears. Grab a great mouth of air and is leaning against the wall to try to recover. On your right you hear how to reload a weapon. He turns to there and sees Hugo of foot, with transparent legs, wielding a shotgun cropped.

-Thank you -Alex says while it is also foot and extends a hand towards him. Hugo, understanding his gesture, out of the black backpack another same shotgun and delivered it to his partner.

-We find this guy’s body and burn it at once so go to hell -look at it with rage in his eyes while recharging the weapon with force and begins to search the body of that man around the House.

-I love this work -says Hugo, follows she.



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