Rebel Spring


Title: Rebel Spring.

Author: Morgan Rhodes.

Pages: 448

Publishing: SM

Year of publication: 2014

Theme. Fantasy.

After speaking of the first part of this tetralogy, I believe that it is high time that a brief critique of the second part, Rebel spring. As always, I will begin with a brief summary of the novel, and then I will make my criticism. If you have not read the first part and have intention to do so, warning that some of that can be here no other spoiler.


Auranos: Cleo is the “guest of honor” in his own Palace, now led by the bloody King and his son, cool Prince Magnus. Cleo tries to keep the forms before the ruthless King who has taken by force his Kingdom and his house, but, alone, plan the way to end with his jailer and his heir and therefore must find power stems and control them.

Paelsia: Jonas is the leader of the rebels who are hiding in the dark forests of Paelsia, on the border with Auranos. Together with other young people who are willing to lose his own life for his ideals, he devises a plan to overthrow the bloody King and free Mytica of his hard and ruthless hand that has befallen her; but, you must have to carry out their plans, with the help of some allies who are not entirely to his liking.


As I said in the previous critique, of the first part of this tetralogy, as soon as I finished Falling kingdoms ran to the nearest bookstore to buy the second part, Rebel spring because it had the need to know what would happen with the protagonists of this great novel, and after read me the second part, I can only say that it has happened to me exactly the same: the third part has not taken too long to fall into my hands.

Rebel spring continues in the line of the first part. It is filled with new intrigues, incorporate new characters that will have a major role in the development of the story and introduces a new element, the magic that is going to be the central point of the following novels and will give much play throughout history. It will become the central theme and will be attached to everything that happen to the characters.

The main characters remain the same: Cleo, Magnus and Jonas. Each is waging his own battle, being faithful to their feelings and beliefs. The life of the three protagonists will be much more linked with the others, to such an extent that the decisions that take one affect one way or another of the other main characters. This is still a feature that I really like, follow the story of the three main characters separately, how will changing and reacting throughout history and, then, you have another story apart which is the one of the three characters together.

One thing that must be taken into account and that find me very interesting, is that it shows the maturity of the characters, i.e., there is a change of attitude and way of thinking of the protagonists, which I think it is very important because you have to see that it not only evolves to be a tetralogy history , but we also own characters and more make it when their lives have so many ups and downs as the players. In this case, pretty well, in my opinion has made Morgan Rhodes, and I believe that it is essential to ensure the continuation of the story more hook.

But what I like the most are the unexpected events that occur throughout the novel. As in the first part (and this will know who has read it), this second won’t miss the surprises and the unexpected twists in the story and characters.

And I reiterate what I said in the previous review… I WANT A PRINCE MAGNUS IN MY LIFE.

Well, that being said, I can only encourage you all that you read this fantastic tetralogy and you continue with me discovering all its characters.

Greetings, little people!



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