Falling Kingdoms

La caída de los reinos

Title: Falling Kingdoms.

Author: Morgan Rhodes.

Pags.: 432.

Publisher: SM

Publication year: 2013

Theme: fantasy.

Today I will talk about Falling Kingdoms tetralogy written by Morgan Rhodes. Start, of course, talking about the first part entitled equal to the series: Falling Kingdoms. As I always do, I will make a brief summary of the history of the book, and then I will give my opinion on it.


Auranos: Cleo is one of the princesses of the Kingdom and to not have so many obligations as her older sister, passed days looking for new adventures together with his friends; but this desire to go into the unknown will she get into a mess. During a trip to Paelsia, the odious nobleman, kills in cold blood to a young paelsiano, Tomás, triggering the tragedy in the family of Cleo.

Limeros: the realm of the eternal winter. Lucia and Magnus are the Princes, sons of the bloody King. Magnus, the heir to the throne, does not agree with the form of the reign of his father, but if it does what says it, is confident that, by the very son yours that is, do not hesitate to end her life. Everything seems normal, until it reaches the Castle rumors that the Auranos’s Princess Cleo has killed a young paelsiano, event that will take advantage of his father to rise up against the more prosperous Kingdom of Mytica.

Paelsia: after the murder of his brother Thomas, Jonas decides to take revenge on who did it, the Princess Cleo that lurks behind the walls of his palace. Start your search by all the Kingdom, trying to reach her; but to achieve this, you will need to seek help from the warlord Basilius, who governs in Paelsia. Convinces him that it is the best time to attack Auranos and done with the Kingdom, so the suffering of his people would end and the would get revenge. But everything has a price. Will Jonas be willing to pay for it?


I can’t say much about this novel because, so understand, you would have to read it. It is fascinating, enigmatic, breathtaking, intriguing and a long etcetera. As in all cases, it will be like who more and like who less. I can say that I am among them have been enraptured with the history that surrounds the three kingdoms. What I liked most is its structure. He has three stories with different protagonists, their lives start to change from one spot: the death of Thomas. At first it seems impossible that the death of a young man who has no importance can trigger a war between three realms. Comes a point where the three protagonists are and within our own history, begin to emerge other as important.

The novel hooked from the very first moment. It is true that in the early chapters is a little slower, since it focuses on explaining what happens in each Kingdom and how it affects the death of the paelsiano in each of them; but this slow ends unexpectedly and the story begins to have a frenetic pace that you’re involved, why you don’t want to take off the eyes of the letters; or, at least, that has happened to me to me. The three actors will make that you feel a love/hate for them and that’s what I like. You do not go by none because everyone does things that can get you freak out and hate them, but then, when you are still reading and begin to understand the why you have done so, you can not help feel compassion for them. Mixed feelings faced when you read the novel, even to me has happened to so many that they have been, I have come to overwhelm me.

Long a novel me not enveloped so much, that I liked. And the worst or best, depending how you look, is that the end of the first book leaves you wanting much more. To me has left me wanting so many that the next day I finished Falling Kingdoms, I ran to the nearest bookstore and I bought the second.

And, finally, I only say one more thing: I WANT A PRINCE MAGNUS IN MY LIFE. And I need it urgently.

For now, this has been everything. I hope you will bother to enter the world of Mytica and in the life of its inhabitants because they will not leave you indifferent.

Greetings, little people!



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