About Princes and Princesses.


The key turned in the lock and the door opened slowly. The Princess Shanya hid a hand behind the back, closing it with force, trying to hide the red flame that had appeared from nowhere in her hand. This disappeared as if it had never existed. Those powers had appeared when she was just six years old and since then, she had been hidden to the world by his father, enclosing she in that room made with iron walls to avoid accidents. Since then she hated it, she couldn’t see him, or she didn’t want to talk to him; but there he was, on the threshold of the door with the arms crossed over the chest; his imposing figure highlighted in the dimness of the room, poorly lit with candles. Approached with step slow towards her after closing the door and sat on the edge of the bed by burying his face between his hands; he seemed dejected. Shanya contemplated him with serious countenance. After catch air, he raised his head towards her and explained the reason that had brought him there, the reason why he had decided to penetrate his solitude and shake it vigorously with the news that brought she: should marry Prince Elcott, son of the King Trotem just so his father possessed more power than he already had. What enraged her. She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry, she wanted to get out of that stifling room. He never entered in her room and for a time he did it, he came to ask that, rather than ask, to force him to do what he wanted, as if enough not be line it already, obeying his orders to stay there hidden. She erupted. She stood as fast as she could and began exhibiting her reasons why should not marry but they were vague and inconsistent and his father, seeing that lack of respect towards him, to the King, also erupted. He struck her with the look and while Shanya knew that if she was using her powers, everything would have ended, that look ground to a halt it and stayed there planted, vaguely hearing the words pronounced by his father. She marry she liked or not; but his last words were an idea began to emerge in her head: “keep your powers in check, please. I don’t have enough power to protect yourself of what may happen later”. Not even she saw him get away towards the door, nor heard the familiar sound of key casting the bolt. She could only think about her loopy plan of escape that she would bring out the designated day, the day of their wedding. She had to file a bit more the idea, but she had it decided, would not be more bullying by his father. Everything was going to end.

Shanya walked down the long aisle of the Church covered by a white veil. She felt the eyes of farmers put her, her forced smiles trying to please the King that had been next to her with her head high and proudly. In the distance she saw a slender silhouette, dressed in a white suit embroidered with gold. His black hair shone brightly in the light which entered through the windows that were above the high altar. As she neared her fiancé, his features were revealing little by little. The straight nose protruding into a face angular and thin; his eyes, squinted, gave him a mysterious air. She could not deny that the guy was attractive, something which she did not.

Her father left her at the altar, next to her future husband. Shanya looked at him askance. This was kept rigidly beside her and barely looked at her; he seemed as disgusted as she by that decision. When the priest began to speak, the there present sat in their seats, earrings in the event that there was taking place. It was the first time in a long time that would come finally to the Princess, and they didn’t know how she would be, how much she would have changed. All contained breathing when the priest gave permission to the boy to lift her veil and they regarded with astonishment to see how beautiful that was with wavy and coppery hair in a bun, her green eyes glittered with force, highlighting her pearl skin.

Shanya watched with delight how the Prince opened eyes wide in surprise to see his face. She looked at him directly to his clear blue eyes, a gesture that intimidated him. He seemed relieved when Shanya turned to the priest to continue with the marriage; but at the time of the “Yes, I want”, a half-smile was installed in the face of the Princess and, before the astonished eyes of all those present, her dress is wrapped in flames. People rose from their seats, scared and surprised not understand very well what was happening. Shanya turned to the Prince with a smile of sufficiency, hoping to see in his face the fear; but instead, she was surprised to discover that he watched her carefully, with a half smile on his face. But it could not stop much more time on it; she turned to her father who looked at her with anger mixed with fear, something that made that inside live pleasure. She raised her arms up to the height of the chest and threw two fiery balls against the walls of solid stone of the Church. Paintings and altarpieces that covered them burned quickly as if they were covered by oil. Farmers began to run into from one side to the other, crying, trying to understand what was going on. Shanya started walking among banks, wrapped in a column of flames, destroying everything that was in her path.

-Shanya -she heard his father shouting after her. This turned from the great gate of the Church and dedicated to him a half smile before disappearing into the darkness of the night where everything was chaos.

She looked the great column of smoke that came out through the windows of the Church. She smiled to herself and left that place with a decided step, still wrapped in flames.

When enough of the walls of the city were away, she fell to her knees on the ground, covering the body nude, clothes had been charred. Fear and guilt took possession of she. The tears were covering her face. When she thought it coldly, did not understand why she had done that, why she had done that to his father, who had always tried it to protect. Because of her pride and rage of a moment, had marked his father’s lifetime. Those thoughts were that she feel more guilty yet. She wanted to go back to the shelter of her room where no one look it rare as it was; but it was too late, the damage was done.

She did not notice he arrive. She realized that someone was by her side when a dark layer fell on she. She turned abruptly to the newcomer and was surprised to discover the Elcott Prince. He, whole response to the astonished eyes of Shanya, fumbled the fingers of his right hand and they appeared a flame of black color with an intense blue heart. Shanya passed the gaze of his hand to the face of Elcott, who watched her with a half smile. That discovery made Shanya began to see the truth in all things. Her father had thought her powers when he agreed to the marriage. Probably King Trotem and he had spoken of the strange powers of their children and knowing that Shanya would be old enough to marry, they concluded all that marry Elcott, thus if he had discovered her powers, the Prince would not feel threatened. This idea made it feel worse than it already was. She ducked her head and tears began to sprout again. Elcott crouched beside her and, without a word, hugged her.

After several minutes, the Prince proposed to leave away. There not they had much more to do. He suggested that they were, they began a new life where nobody knew who they were, without that nobody asked them where they were going. Shanya looked at him with eyes open, unable to pronounce the word, debating between the yes and no. To make inri, Elcott stood and stretched out a hand to she. Shanya closed her eyes, and with shaking hand, grabbed his. For the first time was to be let go and that thought caused a slight tickling sensation at the base of the stomach. She didn’t know why, but after the confession that the Prince had had with her, she hoped a little more on it. She had judged he too soon, at that moment she realized her mistake. She dedicated a shy half-smile and was guided by it. The first thing they should look for was some place where to get clothes for Shanya; after that, they would already improvising.

Just a year after their escape, Elcott and Shanya had made inseparable, their powers had united them in a special way. They had hidden from the King’s soldiers, had fled to the Region far away and forgotten in Flesmium, the city of the elves, where the magic was not frowned upon. From there, they sent letters to their parents so they would know that they were well and apologizing for what happened countless times already some time in the Church, especially Shanya. In one of the last it, they announced their marriage and invited them to come with as few people as possible, only closest and most trusted and promised that this time there would be no danger, that commitment was serious and could not do anything to change it.

Shanya was covered with a beautiful white veil. His father, by her side, looked at her admiringly. Before releasing her arm, he pressed she strongly hand and turned away from her a few steps, leaving her at the altar by her fiance. After the words of the priest, Elcott lifted her veil and, after contemplating her for a few moments, kissed her forcefully under a shower of applause.



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