Through you.


-Why am I here? What do you want?

-Keeps silence. Here I make the questions.

-Whatever you want, I have not been.

-Remove the head sac and leave us alone, I’ll ask her.

-Do you? I never thought that you would be capable of this.

-I also thought you able to steal and here we thank you.

-Thanks to me? It was you who decided to get into this. If had not appeared in my life…

-Shut up.

-Do you dare to hit me? You know that they will come for me, don’t let me stop long.

-You’ll return with them when you can get what I want. It starts from the beginning.

-Do you think that this will solve what you did? Still remember all… You’re not easy to forget.

-I never wanted to happen that none of this.

-You should have you given much before…

-Did I break your  heart, Eraldia? … Do not say anything? I will take it as a Yes. I remind you that you also deceived me.

-If you only cheated was to protect you, Lascott, and yet look how have ended up. You should have left when you had occasion… In addition, I was not the only one who lied about who was…

-Don’t look at me thus. You wanted and you still love, but you know that we can not be together, our jobs…

-Would work? You have this call you work? Send us to kill those who stand in his way regardless of whether a child or an old man. I did not want this life.

-They chose for us, it is so. And if we don’t do what they want…

-We will end up as our victims, I know…

-Why I brought here. Just tell me where is the gem and you hide to keep you safe.

-A safe? You know that ‘Orin find me beyond where I go, will remove heaven and Earth in order to own my essence.

-Yes… your essence, wind… Always amazed by your power. I still do not understand why not have used it already to end with ‘Orin and be free.

-You know why I do not…

-Now, has your sister hidden somewhere in the world and blackmails you with her, I know, so told me one of those nights of love…

-Shut up, it is not good to say it out loud. Our leaders hate it.

-Yes, that is why you are here. You’re the only one who knows where hidden gem ‘Orin. For something you’re his best Assassin.

-And why you are here, interrogating me. For that, you’re the best Thurtrok killer.

-Too bad that their best assassins are in love. That means that we can not kill us to the other.

-Do not kiss me… here do not, so do not…

-I feel you’ve beaten before… But as always, I take out of my boxes. Tell me, where is the gem?

-And if not say you? I kill? … That I feared… When take you the gem to Thurtrok, what you think will happen? The world as we know it will cease to exist.

-The same would happen if you had it ‘Orin in his possession, so I know that still not you delivered it is. I have reason, right?

-Try to give you long, but increasingly it is impatient… I no longer know what excuses put. I know that if I give is, nothing will be as before…

-Then, do you have it in your power?


-Then, let us flee… Let’s take this gem and get us out of here.

-You know that they will persecute us beyond where we go…

-We are murderers, we always pursue, we are more than used to flee and hide in the shadows. But we are the best in us, it will be difficult for us to find…

-I do not know… and what about my sister? If you run away, the first thing that will ‘Orin will be ending it…

-Then that will be the first thing we will do: search and rescue her.

-I don’t know where is…

-We are specialists in finding what we want without effort. We do that same to find it.

-Already so I have tried everything and I’ve not got anything…

-That was because I didn’t have to me.

-I don’t know, Lascott… is very risky.

-If there is something that distinguishes us is our taste for risk … What was that explosion?

-It comes up. They are already here, they have come to me…

-What do I say? It’s your last chance. What would you answer? … Come on, Eraldia, we don’t have much time.

-If they know that I has helped, they kill Clasia and you know…


-Auh! What are you up to? Why do I short?

-Leave a trail of your blood, so we will make you believe that you have been able to flee, but you are wound. They soon discover what has happened, long enough to find your sister and try to rescue her. What do I say?

-Ok… Do it your way.

-So I like… Come here, there is a secret passage. We will leave without affecting us.

-We begin to gather information on the whereabouts of my sister.

-Before we go for the gem.

-It won’t lack.

-Have always have had it over? I can’t believe it. Do you leave it me? … It is very beautiful. Is this spiral that inside the power who yearn to our heads? Wow, how something so small can be so dangerous…

-Do not dawdle. We must flee, Lascott, we can not waste any more time.

-Well, let’s look… One of my sources I have been assured that ‘ urine has its prisoners in the Dark Tower.

-That is beyond the sea crunch. Are we going to make that trip without being sure that Clasia is there? It is very dangerous.

-Come on, we knew that it would not be easy. We will have to go up there to check it out. Something we must begin.

-Why help me? Why do you put your life at risk?

-As I said before, I’m in love with you, even if you have a scar on the side caused by your dagger, I know that you did for my sake. If not I’d injured, Zostra would have killed me this time. And I am glad that you encargaras you the interrogation instead of it.

-When you hurt, I felt something in me is included. To abandon you in the cell, I could not think of what he had done.

-I repeat, if you had done that, probably now would not be here … We are refugees and we have a mission that meet, probably the last. But we will do it together now that at last we can. I will be with you until the end of the world, which is where we are going. And, starting from there, we will see what we will do.

-Back to kiss me, stupid.



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