Apart from the truth.


Shrugged his Father Rodrigo the heart to see a young girl, dressed in a simple white dress that barely covered him due to worn and frayed that was; her wrists hanging loose some shackles protruding grimy wall. His body was covered with dry blood; but in spite of that, when the girl lifted his face toward the father, he saw in his look determination, not fear. That surprised him. She had been tortured and beaten over and over again and still had enough force to lift the head with courage.

-Can be removed, soldier -Father turned to the man with a forced smile; This looked at him with eyes ajar, reluctant to move-. Don’t worry, if it happens I will somewhat know you -the soldier nodded slightly and left there after closing the door of the cell.

Father Rodrigo turned towards the girl with the fingers interlaced and looked to its around looking for some where to sit; not finding anything, turned towards the gate and called the soldier to ask something. Within minutes, it appeared with a small wooden stool abrade it seemed not very stable. Soldier opened the door again and, after surrender it, left there by closing behind him. Rodrigo placed the stool near the girl, but keeping the distances, still didn’t know if he could trust her. The girl had not removed her eye since he entered the cell and now that he had it in front of she, her gaze penetrated the depths of his being, doing that it sticks.

-Hi Mary, I’m Father Rodrigo -began to talk about the cure, trying to gain his trust-. The King has sent me so you confess your sins and so enter into paradise and meet with God our Creator.

-I don’t believe in God -answered the girl with sharp tone. Those words left ice cream to the father.

-That he doesn’t care, always has hollow to anyone who needs it.

-Father -her voice was safe-, I know what has come, but it won’t change anything. Will I die as planned and that will be my end. A confession will not change things -looked he directly into his eyes-. I am not going to deny that what I did was wrong, but I did it to survive. If you believe that it is the work of a witch, not I who make you change your mind -the girl lifted his chin, proud.

-Do not you should think that way. If you talk to me and admit your mistakes, you can get an acquittal or, at least, have a less painful death.

-And, if I do not want to save me, Father?

-Would can that be possible, daughter? Do you not fear dying?

-When I started with this… adventure, I knew what I was facing if me. I didn’t think that my deception would come so far, but now that everything is known, I assume my destination without remorse – her words were sincere at the same time hard.

– But… -The Father hesitated an instant. To look she in the eyes he could see nothing or nobody was going to do to change opinion. Still, he was intrigued by the story of that girl, he wanted to know more about it; but for that, he needed that it confers on it-. I would like to know the reason for your sins, what prompted you to them. I would like to know your story.

-And… exactly to what? Everything I did they attribute to witchcraft because they don’t understand it, they don’t understand that a woman could have come so far only with his intelligence; they need to relate to something supernatural -Father Rodrigo shuddered at those words-. If you want to know my story, you will have to open your mind and not judge me without knowing it completely.

-Although me hard… -Father pondered for a moment and then nodded slightly-. I will listen to you and try not to draw conclusions until you’ve completed.

-Well, that’s what I wanted to hear -a half smile drew on her swollen face full of bruises-. To understand this, you should start at the beginning -the Father caught air, expectantly by the history that was coming; he had the feeling that was not going to leave anyone indifferent.

>>It was the small-four sisters. Having no sons, my father decided to raise us as if we were him and helped him in all the tasks of the field. This made my body and my muscles became much more resistant.

-What has that to do with the main story? -Interrupted the Father, looking at her with a frown.

-Later you will understand it. Everything in due time – Mary glared him staring, upset by the disruption-. Can I continue? -The Father Rodrigo nodded, intimidated.

>>I was raised as a child and such time why I did what I did. We worked in the lands of the King, something which, in principle, we did not matter much since we lived well and more carefree than the lands; but everything is twisted when Prince Albert decided to enter in action -her eyes turned cloudy-. It all began that fateful day, the Prince decided to appear along the River, just at the time that was collecting water. He was riding with two of his guards, flaunting his position.

-Look, look, what we have here -he said with lascivious eyes, while he was down horse and turned to his bodyguard-. What do you do here alone?

-Good morning, Prince -I replied, hiding the disdain in my voice-. I was collecting water to wash clothes -I spoke with indifference, trying to not look at him.

-And do not want to have fun a while, instead of both working? -HE was approaching slowly towards me while he was removing leather gloves and holding them in his belt.

-Sorry, Sir, but I have many things to do -it was a lie, but I didn’t want to be next to that man-. Perhaps another day -I did get me away gesture, but Prince grabbed my arm abruptly and spun me towards him. I looked at him directly in the eyes, something that seemed to surprise him pleasantly.

-Sorry to disagree, you stay here with me -his voice sounded forked-. I’m the Prince and you’ll do what I order -hit my body against his back sharply, making that the pitcher where carried water fall me to the ground, spilling it on the green grass. I looked at him with furrowed brow trying to find out their intentions and I could see after his forced smile. That frightened me, but would not allow the Prince to notice it. I raised my head toward him and pushed him with all my might, something useless.

-Look at this wild cat, she thinks she has any chance against me -laughed as he turned towards his companions who chanted her. I turned towards them with eyes full of hate, but that only made that they laughed harder-. Leave us alone -he said the Prince looking back at me.

-But… Highness… -One of the soldiers spoke with caution; the smile had erased from his face, giving way to uncertainty-, your father told us that we stay at his side if…

-Quiet -cut him the Prince with mockery-, this cat won’t do anything -he looked me directly in the eyes. I was not so sure, if he happened to touch me, would not be consistent for my actions, and would do whatever possible to stop his lust-. Right, beautiful? -He raised a hand to caress my cheek, but I removed the face at high speed, what seemed to bother him greatly-. Go away -he repeated to his guards, this time with deep voice.

Soldiers looked at it and, after a moment of hesitation, turned, took the reins of the horses and walked away. Prince Albert grabbed my wrists with one hand and with the other firmly he started to take off my blouse. Dam of panic, I pushed hard, trying to get away from it all I could, but it was so subject to me, we fell to the ground. With urgency, he tore off the blouse. That just made me put more furious, I raised a fist and hit his face with force. For a moment, the surprise that was soon giving way to anger is drew on his face. Slapped me, making my cheek burn, but not I shed not a single tear. I tried to discuss, but the Prince, tired of my insubordination, grabbed my neck, pressing to do me harm. I tried to scream, but the air couldn’t get out of my lungs. Seized by panic, felt the ground, looking for something with which to defend myself and, fortunately or unfortunately, I came across the clay pitcher. While trying to get the skirt waist, fighting with my kicks, I held firmly the handle of the jar and lifted it over my head. It was shattered when it hit against the head of the Prince who collapsed on me and the pressure on my neck disappeared, allowing me to take a big breath of air. I missed the inert body aside and contemplated with a mixture of horror and pride, the bloodied face of the Prince. I got down next to him and I stuck my ear to his mouth, but for her he left not one iota of air. That frightened me, if they discovered what he had done, they would kill me and my family as punishment. I could not allow that. I got up, looking to my around terrified and after checking that no one had seen what happened, my mind began to scheme a crazy idea. I knelt again beside me and grabbed a lock of my hair testing, not without joy, that it was a colour very similar to the Prince, perhaps mine out a little clearer, but anybody would hardly notice. Without thinking twice, I took the sword from his belt and began to cut my hair, trying to stay so similar to the Prince Albert as I could; I removed him the bloody clothes and got after undressing me. It seemed that what was written as I came like a glove. With effort, I pulled his inert body and dragged it to the shore of the river. I stopped a moment contemplating our faces reflected in the crystalline surface of the water. Perhaps my neck was thinner than his and my deep eyes, but for the rest, we were practically equal. The bug of betrayal was installed on the inside, but mingled with the pride for that wrongdoing. If all went well, you can come to be King one day. I shook his head, what was thinking about those things? The bug of betrayal was installed on my inside, but mingled with the pride for that wrongdoing. If all went well, I can come to be King one day. I shook my head, what was thinking about those things? I should first try out of that mess with success and, from there, I see if everything went well. I threw the body of the Prince to the river and contemplated with indifference how moved away dragged by the current. I caught air, kept the sword and I went to the place that I had seen to disappear to the guards.

-Already done, Highness? -One of the soldiers turned to me, but a shadow crossed his face when he saw me. My heart is accelerated. And if he had discovered me? What would you do then? Unconsciously, I grabbed the hilt of the sword with strength. If he had discoveredme, I fight tooth and nail-. Is that blood…? -Approached with care towards me, pointing out the collar of my shirt. I looked quickly toward where he pointed out and I tried to remove it, but it was already dry. Think, think…

-The girl refused -I said with deep voice, looking at him directly in the eyes, which, for my satisfaction, seemed to intimidate them-. I don’t like that against resistance and unwittingly I have finished with her lives -two soldiers looked at me with eyes wide open, I just shrug my shoulders-. No one is going to miss she. Her body is now floating down the river. In addition, I sure that this will not leave here -looked at them one by one, intimidating them with the look. That gesture was enough to seat without complaint. I felt powerful like never before-. Well, then back to Palace -as I headed towards them, I was placing leather gloves. One of the soldiers gave me a beautiful black horse. I had never before assembled in one, but I struggled because not me notice. I placed the foot in the stirrup with decision and I impelled to sit in the saddle. The soldier handed me the reins and, after rising on his mount, we move away from there. To each trot, a gray cloud was plugging in my mind what had happened. Now, I was Prince Albert.

-Already have been three years since then -Father Rodrigo dropped all the air that had been containing without realizing it-. Yes, I’ve been substituting him all this time, but it has not been witchcraft thing, as you can see, Father; just was a bad blow -a half-smile appeared on her face-. If I should die for the crime, will I die because I am not going to deny what I did. I know it was wrong, but I do not regret anything -Father Rodrigo shuddered to hear those words.

-Understand your story, my daughter, and why you did  it-sighed the Father Rodrigo, the history of Mary had moved it-. Prince Albert was not famous for its gentle and chaste -a sad half-smile appeared on his face-; but that does not justify what you’ve done… You’ve killed a member of royalty and you have usurped her identity. They are two very serious crimes.

-I am willing to receive punishment is imposed by me -Father Rodrigo sighed as it is standing, and pick up the stool.

-So, my daughter -turned around and called the jailer to open her door.

-Father… -Speak Mary before that he moved away. The priest turned to she-, thanks for listening to me. No one has done so far.

The Father looked at she for the last time to the eyes, nodded slightly and moved away from there. He didn’t know why, but after hearing her story, something inside had removed. He knew that what she had done was wrong, but perhaps by her critical gaze or her absence of fear, he do not believe that she deserves to die. As he was getting mildew rungs of black holes, his mind wandering trying to find a way to help her.



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